The Best Las Vegas Magazine Isn’t a Magazine: “Viva Vegas” on Flipboard

If you love Las Vegas as much as we do, you probably have an insatiable appetite for news and information related to the world’s most exciting city. Las Vegas. Please try and keep up.

One of our favorite sources of Las Vegas news is “Viva Vegas” magazine on the Flipboard app.

If you’re unfamiliar with Flipboard, it’s described as a “social news magazine,” basically a way to view stories being shared in social media, magazine-style, including blogs, which we hear are incredibly entertaining if you find the right ones. Ahem.

Viva Vegas on Flipboard
All the Las Vegas news our brain can hold and pretty, too.

Flipboard is available for a variety of devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook. Once you install the app, just do a search for “Viva Vegas,” hit the “subscribe” function and you should be all set.

Take “Viva Vegas” for a test drive here. Just wait until you see it on your iPad.

“Viva Vegas” is the creation of our friend and inspiration Hunter Hillegas, the same guy who came up with the award-winning Vegas Mate app, another essential tool for Las Vegas visitors.

Viva Vegas on Flipboard
Some people are just way into this Ferris wheel thing.

Hillegas and two cohorts, Mike Gavin and Anthony Baldaramos, are Las Vegas fanatics, always on the hunt for interesting or useful stories to share via their “Viva Vegas” virtual magazine.

The Flipboard app is free, by the way, and same goes for “Viva Vegas.” Get the Flipboard app here.

To give you some idea of how awesome “Viva Vegas” is, it has grown to have nearly 12,000 readers, and has featured more than 2,000 articles gathered from across the Internet.

Says Hillegas, “I’ve been a Flipboard user and fan for a long time and when they introduced the feature, it seemed like a natural thing to try out for Vegas. It’s for anyone that wants Vegas news and doesn’t want to scour dozens of sites. Yes, many of them offer RSS feeds, but I’ve learned most people don’t understand what that is or how it works. They can benefit from a bunch of stuff being put in front of them and that’s the goal here.”

Mission accomplished, because our day isn’t complete until we break out our “Viva Vegas” magazine before bed.

Viva Vegas on Flipboard
We don’t always kiss our girlfriend goodnight, but we always kiss our “Viva Vegas” goodnight. Hey, we have our priorities straight.

We asked contributor Anthony Baldaramos, who joined the “Viva Vegas” team when the magazine had just 300 readers, about why he volunteers his time to keep the magazine current, and he says, “I have a healthy obsession with Vegas. This is my way of sharing it with others. Our readers enjoy that we keep our ‘mag’ updated regularly and we use different news sources to appeal to different readers.”

“Viva Vegas” brings together an eclectic and thoughtfully-curated collection of news stories and photos from diverse sources, all intended to keep Vegas enthusiasts informed.

Learn more about the Flipboard app, and give “Viva Vegas” a look. Once you do, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.