O’Sheas Almost Didn’t Happen at The Quad

O’Sheas is arguably the best thing that’s happened to The Quad since it was the Imperial Palace, but it almost didn’t happen at all.

The re-opened O’Sheas brought with it many of the things fans loved about the original. Low table minimums, beer pong, live entertainment, drink specials and the O’Sheas mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun.

The place is consistently packed, making it a huge financial success for the hotel and the hotel’s owner, Caesars Entertainment.

The return of O’Sheas has been pretty big news.

In fact, O’Sheas has been so successful, plans are already under way for an expansion, and it only opened in December 2013.

But here’s the surprising thing: O’Sheas almost didn’t happen at The Quad.

After the original O’Sheas closed on April 30, 2012, company executives began shopping around the O’Sheas brand to see if they could sell it. On the books, the O’Sheas brand was estimated to be worth $10 million.

Other hotels were approached, especially those with Irish-related themes or venues, but there were no takers.

Given the huge success of O’Sheas at The Quad, casino executives are surely thanking their lucky charms nobody took them up on their offer to sell.

O'Sheas Las Vegas
This sign was on the original O’Sheas, but it had a leprechaun in the O, not a shamrock.

O’Sheas is already well on its way to reclaiming its former glory, including the announcement of a St. Patrick’s Day block party, Mar. 15-17.

We’re personally happy O’Sheas landed where it did, because it’s already one of our favorite places to play, and possibly drink, on The Strip. See you at the bar! Well, one of the three bars. You know what we mean.