Aria’s New High Limit Slot Lounge is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Aria recently opened a new high limit slot room, and it’s a beauty.

The space is beautifully designed and feels like it was inspired by a sci-fi movie.

You can rideshare here or use teleportation, your choice.

Aria has always had an upscale vibe, and the new high limit space continues that tradition in fine style.

The high limit space checks a lot of boxes for high limit players, with subdued lighting and low ceilings.

Curves in all the right places.

Each slot machine feels like it’s in its own cubby-hole, with lots of elbow room between machines.

Overall, the room just has a nice flow.

The funky mirror lets guests take three selfies, all at once.

The new high limit slot room is just across from the casino’s high limit table game parlor, complete with a popular bar.

Thanks to Aria for not giving us the boot despite taking a photo of its high limit table games area. Refreshing.

Speaking of cocktails, it’s worth noting the high limit slot room had a dedicated cocktail server when we visited, so service was lightning fast.

There were also some snacks in the new high limit room. Nothing spectacular, but it’s something.

First rule of Vegas: Don’t get mad at snacks. OK, it’s not the first rule, but it’s on the list, right next to “Don’t leave the escort alone with your Rolex.”

There were handpays being won the entire time we were there.

Aria showed a great deal of restraint by only having one TV in the high limit slot room. Big fan of that decision.

Here’s a quick walk-through of the new high limit slot room at Aria.

Nearby, there are plans in the works for the previous high limit slot lounge. It’s going to be table games, “Coming Soon.”

There’s never not something new in Las Vegas. There also aren’t ever no double negatives.

The new high limit slot room at Aria is a reminder of what Las Vegas does so well. It creates spaces, but anyone can do that. Vegas creates spaces with magic.

Visitors aren’t just gambling here. We made reference to teleportation, but guests really are being transported somewhere. Somewhere that makes everyone feel important, special and valued.

Pretty much everyone has casinos in their backyards now (sorry, Hawaii and Utah), but they don’t have this.

Please, Las Vegas, keeping making more of this.