Why Aliens Keep Visiting Las Vegas

Posted on: June 26, 2023, 11:27h. 

Last updated on: June 26, 2023, 11:42h.

Earlier this month, we brought you the story of the US Air Force whistleblower who claims the US government has multiple spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, and actual alien bodies, in its possession.

Aliens have been in the spotlight recently, and they’ve dragged Las Vegas along with them. (Image: Casino.org)

Since then, Las Vegas has had a UFO sighting that grabbed international headlines thanks to the viral KLAS-TV news report below in which a family phoned the police, claiming that aliens crashed in their backyard. Family members were recorded saying they saw an “eight-foot person” with “big eyes” that was “100% not human.”

Most scientists still believe that intelligent life in the universe is probably too extraordinarily rare, and the obstacles to interstellar travel too challenging, for reports like this to be true.

But What if Some Are True?

If at least some of the alien reports are true, then what is this attraction Vegas holds for extraterrestrials? Why do they keep visiting? Is it just because of how bright the Strip is? Is it its proximity to Area 51? Or is it something else entirely?

Below are 10 scientifically unsound hypotheses we postulate for why the aliens can’t get enough of the Las Vegas Strip…

Maybe all the aliens want is a selfie on the only road on Earth named after them. State Route 375 was renamed the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996 by the Nevada Tourism Commission, due to its proximity to Area 51. The ceremony was attended by “Independence Day” star Jeff Goldblum. (Image: autio.com)

10. They are out of neon gas at home

9. Three-for-one cocktails at Ocean One Bar & Grille

8. They have a system for roulette

7. To take Wayne Newton back to his home planet

6. They think there is legal prostitution there

5. To seek public financing for a $1.5 billion new spaceship

4. They keep abducting the wrong Elvis and won’t stop until they get the right one

3. They were suckered into buying a timeshare at one of those “free show tickets” tents and they just can’t let it go to waste

2. Waze keeps directing them to Planet Hollywood by mistake

1. To blend in

Can you think of any better reasons? Add them in the comments below!