Adds African Warriors Fighting Championship to List of Sponsorships

Posted on: July 18, 2023, 07:35h. 

Last updated on: July 18, 2023, 12:11h.

Australia-based sports betting and iGaming operator, which enjoys staying in the spotlight, is there once again. The company recently forged a new sponsorship deal with the African Warriors Fighting Championship (AWFC) that will introduce the gaming platform to the African market.

Two fighters participate in the African sport of Dambe
Two fighters participate in the African sport of Dambe. is sponsoring the African Warriors Fighting Championship, which is campaigning for the sport. (Image: African Warriors Fighting Championship via YouTube)

AWFC, renowned as the organizer of Dambe, a Nigerian form of boxing, is now set to receive backing from This collaboration follows’s previous sponsorship of the UFC and Nigerian UFC champion Israel Adesanya.

Stake’s alliance with AWFC guarantees extensive visibility for the brand throughout AWFC events. The logo will appear on uniforms and arenas, and will probably be worked into scripts. Moreover, will enjoy widespread reach via AWFC’s digital platforms, leveraging the content of Dambe.

AWFC A Solid Target

In 2019, Maxwell Kalu, a retired soccer player from Nigeria, established the AWFC, intending to generate worldwide intrigue and acknowledgment for Dambe. This indigenous fighting technique has gained immense popularity within Nigeria, and has captivated a significant global audience, amassing hundreds of millions of online spectators.

AWFC’s core mission is to enhance the well-being and security protocols within Dambe, a sport rich in age-old customs, yet disconnected from historical contexts. The organization has been at the forefront of establishing standardized regulations for Dambe to protect the sport and the fighters.

Kalu said in a statement about the new partnership that he wants to use it to bolster the brand’s workforce across the continent. At the same time, he sees it as a great opportunity to generate widespread awareness about Dambe.

AWFC will persistently mold the landscape of Dambe’s expansion with the new sponsorship deal. Kalu sees it as a perfect way to expand the sport’s fanbase through its legacy, formidable battles, and distinctive combat techniques. Director of Acquisitions Akhil Sarin aso sees the deal as a great opportunity for the company.  He said the sponsorship gives the company the ability to bring Dambe to the forefront, while also setting apart as a leader in combat sports sponsorships.

Understanding Dambe

Dambe is a unique sport that doesn’t have an equal in modern fighting organizations. The fighters use one hand, wrapped in cloth, as a “spear,” while the other acts as a “shield.” They attack with either the “spear” (almost always the fighter’s dominant hand) or legs as they simultaneously defend against the same.

The “shield” can also be used. Typically, fighters keep this hand with the palm facing their opponent. When necessary, they can use it to either grab the other fighter or to subdue him.

The AWFC Dambe championship comprises three rounds. Victory is obtained by either leveling the opponent or forcing his hand, knee, or back to make contact with the ground.

The sport itself dates back hundreds of years. But Nigeria only began campaigning for it as a recognized sport over the past few decades. In 2019, the country announced it would push to create a national league, and since then, Dambe has gained international notoriety.