Ohio Man Speeds to Casino in Marijuana-Filled Car While Girlfriend in Labor

Posted on: June 18, 2021, 04:05h. 

Last updated on: June 18, 2021, 10:28h.

A man was traveling at least 110 miles per hour on an Ohio highway on his way to a casino last month, according to a police report released this week.

The driver’s girlfriend reportedly was in labor at the time of the arrest
Ohio State Highway Patrol sedan, shown here. Ohio police were able to stop a car traveling 110 mph on a highway. The car smelled of marijuana and the driver allegedly failed a field sobriety test. He was on his way to a casino. (Image: WTOV)

The car allegedly reeked of marijuana and the driver claimed his girlfriend was elsewhere giving birth to his child at the time.

Police said the man was driving a Mercedes 300 on I-77 southbound in Brecksville. The city is about 16 miles south of Cleveland. At first, it appeared he did not want to pull over as police followed in a cruiser. Eventually, he stopped, police said.

For the May 14 incident, police charged him with driving under the influence. The driver confessed he had been smoking earlier that day, according to Cleveland.com, an online news site in Ohio.

Failed Sobriety Test, Police Reveal

The driver allegedly failed the sobriety test given by the police. The field sobriety test used is similar to tests used for alcohol intoxication, which include walking in a line and standing on one foot. During the test, police claim he made an improper turn, stepped off the line, and took the wrong number of steps, Cleveland.com reported.

Such field tests can be presented in court proceedings. They can show the police had probable cause for a suspect’s arrest.

The driver was also charged with speeding, as well as wanton disregard of public safety, the report said. Depending on the model he was driving, that Mercedes has a maximum speed of between 130 and 180 mph, according to online information.

Local press reports did not identify the driver. They did say he lives in Massillon, Ohio. A passenger from Canton was also present in the car.

Girlfriend in Labor?

The driver’s girlfriend reportedly was in labor at the time of the arrest, according to what the driver told police. No word on the gender of the baby if one was born.

WKFR, a Michigan radio station, said it was unclear from the police report if the driver’s girlfriend was. in fact, giving birth, or if the story was fabricated. 

Police did not identify the gaming property which he was driving to at the time of his arrest.