Ireland Casino Dispute Allegedly Led Woman to Pour Boiling Water on Man’s Face

Posted on: October 21, 2020, 10:56h. 

Last updated on: October 21, 2020, 12:28h.

A woman accused of pouring boiling water on a man’s face as he sat by a slot machine last year at Empire Casino in Dublin, Ireland will not be spending any time in prison despite entering a guilty plea.

The defendant kept on sending the man allegedly explicit texts
Dublin, Ireland Court Judge Pauline Codd suspended a sentence for a woman accused of throwing boiling water at a man’s face while at a local casino. (Image: The Times)

Samantha Otto, 58, of Dublin recently pleaded guilty to an “assault causing harm” charge, according to the Irish Times. She allegedly harassed the man after he spurned her explicit advances, the report said.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court Judge Pauline Codd ordered the suspended sentence after she heard about Otto’s “previous good character” and the challenges she overcame, the Times said.

Judge Codd said the attack was “utterly unprovoked.” She also was concerned the assault took place during “a period of harassment” against the man. But Otto’s sentence of three years’ imprisonment was fully suspended by Codd. Various conditions need to be met for her to remain out of prison.

The incident began with the man occasionally visiting the casino after work. During one encounter, the man gave Otto his telephone number. The man soon got repeated text messages from Otto. They were allegedly sexually explicit.

He told Otto he only wanted to be platonic friends. The man eventually blocked Otto’s phone number. Otto became angry.

Repeatedly, she requested the man unblock her number when the two met subsequently at the casino. On one occasion, Otto asked the man if she could go home with him, the Times said. Otto then followed him onto a bus that he rode to get home. She later apologized.

But he scolded her and said to her that her actions were not acceptable, the Times said. Next, Otto kept on asking him to unblock her number on his cellphone. On April 27, 2019, the man saw Otto at the casino. He told her he did not want to talk.

In response, Otto shoved the man. She called him an “a-hole.” The man responded that she was a “crazy b*tch”.

Burns on His Face, Chest, Neck, Shoulders

The man remained at the casino and was sitting at a slot machine. Otto saw him, walked up, and allegedly tossed a cup of boiling water on his face, which reportedly scalded him.

He suffered burns on his face, neck, shoulders, and chest from the attack, the Times said. He moved to another residence out of fear, and eventually, his burns healed.

Otto told her attorney she thought the man was laughing at her, the Times said. She apparently lost control of her emotions.

Otto originally lived in the Philippines but moved to Ireland in 2011. She worked in a salon but lost her job in 2014.

Judge Codd Sentences Man to Over 18 Years

In an unrelated incident, in 2018 a 34-year-old man, who allegedly attacked three women, was sentenced by Judge Codd for 18 and a half years, the Times reported. The judge called him “clearly a dangerous man,” the report said.

The assaults took place in 2011, 2015, and 2016 in South Dublin. Two of the attacks involved an alleged sexual assault. The third included the man allegedly placing a knife at the victim’s throat.