Thailand Illegal Gambling Site 123plus Busted, Nearly $3M in Assets Seized

Posted on: December 21, 2021, 08:41h. 

Last updated on: December 21, 2021, 11:38h.

Police in Thailand have lately had their hands full with illegal gambling operations. A major gambling ring operating throughout the country was just broken up today, but that wasn’t the only one. Another operation was taken down Monday night.

Thai Police
Thai Police salute in formation, above. The country’s police force continues to tackle illegal gambling operations that have increased during COVID-19 lockdowns. (Image: Breaking Daily News)

It seems like a regular occurrence that an illegal gambling ring is busted in Thailand. That’s part of the reason the country is exploring the legalization of casinos. In the meantime, police will remain hyper-vigilant to possible underground activity.

If anyone was hoping to access the online gambling website 123plus today, they found they were out of luck. According to the Bangkok Post, police moved in and took down the operations. There were reportedly 10 different locations supporting the site in four Thai provinces. They all reportedly received a surprise visit from law enforcement.

The website focused on online baccarat and allowed gamblers to place wagers online. Five people were taken into custody, charged with money laundering and operating an illegal gambling site. Another three suspects are reportedly still at large.

The raids led to the confiscation of 14 luxury cars, five motorcycles, a handful of rifles and pistols, ammunition, and communication equipment. In total, the assets seized are said to be worth around 100 million baht, approximately US$2.96 million.

Another Gambling Op Busted Monday

On Monday night, police in the Hat Yai district of the Songkhla province broke up another underground gambling outfit. This one seems to have been more a gathering of people to enjoy some entertainment.

During the raid, police, defense force volunteers and the Hat Yai district security chief found several people who had gotten together to play cards, according to the Bangkok Post.

All 16 people – five men and 11 women – were arrested. It was a low-key affair, with only 14,400 baht (US$427) seized by police.

Police weren’t concerned just with the illegal gambling that was taking place, but with the violation of COVID-19 rules as well. An estimated 16 people were reportedly crammed in a single room on the second floor of the townhouse.

Thailand Police Sniff Out Illegal Gambling

No country is immune to illegal gambling operations, and Thailand police are learning how to spot the activity. There has been a growing underground gambling culture that many believe is linked to the COVID-19 epidemic.

A small group of gambling enthusiasts was busted in Pattaya at the beginning of September. A Suphan Buri group was arrested for illegal firearm possession, gambling and drugs the week before.

In early September, 15 people were arrested when Phuket police raided an illegal gambling den in Cape Panwa. In that case, Region 8 Police arrested 14 people between the ages of 44 and 58.