Goa Casinos Remain Closed, State’s COVID-19 Deaths Reach Almost 2,700

Posted on: June 2, 2021, 09:43h. 

Last updated on: June 2, 2021, 10:47h.

Delta Corp’s gaming locations in Goa will remain shuttered for at least another five days, as the Indian resort region continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It remains unclear what financial impact the shuttering will have on Delta Corp
A woman in India who faces a risk of COVID-19. The state of Goa continues to keep its casinos closed because of the pandemic. (Image: Business Standard)

India Infoline News Service, a national news site, reported this week that Delta Corp-operated casinos and subsidiaries will stay closed until June 7. Delta Corp. operates a land-based casino in Goa and a land-based casino in Sikkim. Delta also runs three water-based casinos in Goa.

Goa’s casinos have been shuttered for about a month. It remains unclear what financial impact the continuing shuttering will have on Delta Corp.

“We are unable to estimate the quantum of potential losses on account of this temporary closure and the pandemic at this time,” Delta Corp said in a recent filing, Infoline reported on Tuesday.

Corona Curfew in Goa

Currently, the state’s government has in place what it calls a “corona curfew.” It will be in effect at least until June 7, Business Standard, a news organization in India, reported.

Under the curfew, most businesses except those selling essential goods remain closed in Goa. Those selling essential items basically are open between 7 am and 1 pm, according to Daily News and Analysis (DNA), a news site in India.

The corona curfew was supposed to end on May 31. But it was extended by another week. The curfew initially was put in place in Goa on May 9 after less drastic precautions were attempted. The curfew initially was supposed to only last until May 24.

But given the number of coronavirus cases, the government in Goa decided to extend it until May 31.

Nationally in India, the pandemic led to widespread death, severe illness, and an oxygen shortage in many health care settings. Many of those who die from COVID in India pass away because of delayed admission to hospitals, India.com, a national news site, said.

Cases, Deaths High in Goa

As of Wednesday, India saw 132,788 new COVID-19 cases. Deaths increased by 3,207, Reuters reported.

In total, India has seen 28.3 million coronavirus cases. The cumulative death toll is 335,102, the news report adds. Goa has experienced 157,275 COVID cases. So far, 2,693 people in Goa have died from the pandemic.

The recent positivity rate in Goa for the virus is 19 percent. It was 51 percent several weeks ago.

Goa and other parts of India also are preparing for a third wave of COVID-19 hitting perhaps in mid-July, according to the Business Standard. There is also a risk to younger residents of the region for contracting coronavirus.