Casino Marbella Adds Two Dozen Croupiers as Spain’s Casinos Rebound

Posted on: June 9, 2022, 05:44h. 

Last updated on: June 9, 2022, 11:38h.

Gamblers are returning to land-based casinos everywhere as the world comes to grips with COVID-19. Spain’s autonomous community of Andalusia is seeing a lot of action, leading to Cirsa’s Casino Marbella hiring over two dozen new dealers.

Casino Marbella
The gateway for the Casino Marbella in Marbella, Spain. The casino is back on track following COVID-19 and is beginning to recruit new croupiers. (Image: Luxuria Lifestyle Spain)

Casino Marbella operates its own croupier training school, which resumed operations this past March. The casino invites those who perform well in the courses to work for the casino.

This summer promises to be a hot one for Spain’s southern coast, which means it will also be hot for the casino action. The first group of dealers to emerge from Casino Marbella’s Class of 2022 will usher in a new era of gambling.

Casino Marbella Back In Action

Casino Marbella is in the beachside town of Marbella, a magnet for the rich and famous. It’s an opportunity to possibly rub elbows with the likes of actors Terrence Howard and Amaury Nolasco, Prince Albert, and more.

In Casino Marbella’s first return course, which wrapped up last month, there were 25 students who successfully passed the final test, according to a press release from the casino. Now, the apprentice croupiers will become part of the staff of Casino Marbella.

In previous years, the casino alternated between different gaming disciplines. However, this year, it’s taking a different approach, and is focusing solely on blackjack. The free courses last three months, but not everyone passes. For instance, in this first course, there were 36 enrollees, with 11 not making the final cut.

Andalusia Supports Casinos through Education

Spain is introducing new regulations for the gambling industry on regional and national levels. However, it also recognizes the important role the gaming sector plays in the economy. Gambling is one of the top revenue providers. The country has a problem gambling rate of less than 1%.

The autonomous community of Andalusia supports casinos through education. The Andalusian Center for Integral Training of the Leisure Industries in the municipality of Mijas recently constituted its Social Council to further the efforts.

This translates into the beginning of its activity as a national reference center (CRN, for its Spanish acronym). As such, it becomes part of the network of schools of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE, for its Spanish acronym).

This step was taken after the designation of the facility as a training space of excellence in the professional area of hospitality, catering, and gambling. The recognition was made official through its publication in the Official State Gazette in April.

In inaugurating the center, representatives of several government organizations participated. Among them were the Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment, the SAE, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, and the State Employment Service, in addition to others.

Chairing the Council is Miguel Ángel Terrero, managing director of the Andalusian Employment Service. Joining him as members are Emilio Gallego, General Secretary of Hospitality of Spain, and Dolores Olmo, director of Projects of the Malaga Business Confederation.

A CRN is a qualification of the State Public Employment Service. These centers act as an institution at the service of vocational training systems. Currently, there are 11 centers in the SAE.