Casino Del Este in Argentina Ready to Begin Phase Two of Development

Posted on: May 25, 2022, 06:41h. 

Last updated on: May 25, 2022, 10:40h.

Argentina continues to see its land-based casino market grow. A plan to add a large integrated resort in the province of Mendoza is the latest addition.

Casino del Este
Government officials and representatives of Fuente Mayor participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Casino del Este last December. The project is advancing and will soon begin adding its second stage. (Image: Los Andes)

In the last week of 2021, the government of the province of Mendoza, Argentina, inaugurated a new gaming room at Casino del Este. Located in the department of San Martín, the casino project is the latest to arrive to boost the country’s gambling activity.

Now, six months later, the company behind the resort, Fuente Mayor, has presented the projection of the second stage of construction of the casino-hotel complex. Fuente Mayor, in compliance with its agreement with the province, is ready to tackle the expansion.

A World-Class Destination

The comprehensive project is growing in stages. Mendoza has already inaugurated the casino and, in this second stage, Fuente Mayor will add a gym, a medical center, and a dining space. These amenities will be ready by September, Subsequently, the resort will inaugurate a new hotel and a condominium space with 300 apartments.

The mayor of San Martín, Raúl Rufeil, detailed at the time of the presentation of the screening that the dining area will contain 32 different options. He highlighted the transformation of the property from just a gaming room to a large resort, calling it an important addition to the city, as well as the region.

This will transform realities, as virtuous circles are generated in terms of work and trade. 85% of the staff of the complex is from the East zone, while we also request from the Commune of San Martín that the company, whenever possible, make its purchases in our department,” stated San Martín Mayor Raúl Rufeil.

The gaming room has the “most modern and high technology in the province,” according to the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos. There are 900 slot machines from different suppliers, incorporating some of the most innovative gaming solutions in the industry.

Overcoming Controversy

Fuente Mayor and the casino both had to overcome controversy to get to where they are today. Mendoza announced the project two years ago. Subsequently, it didn’t take long for the subject of casinos to become a source of battles among politicians.

Some believed that the inclusion of new casinos in the province would only lead to gambling harm. This is a common, but hollow, threat gambling opponents like to make. They tried to create a campaign to overthrow the initiative, but failed.

There was also consternation over the agreement made between Mendoza and Fuente Mayor. The operator received a 20-year concession, and will earn 68% of the revenue from the slot machines. When negotiations first began, the cut was going to be 48%.

However, Mendoza blocked the complaints, arguing that the higher rate was necessary. The Casino del Este, it said, is a much larger, riskier project for Fuente Mayor. It added that even though the company is receiving a larger percentage, the government will still earn much more revenue than if Casino del Este were merely a slot machine property.