British Foot Fetish Actor Sentenced to Jail for Dealing Drugs to Fund Gambling Habit

Posted on: August 3, 2022, 12:01h. 

Last updated on: August 4, 2022, 03:18h.

Jack Lawrence wanted to be known as an actor. However, he’s now receiving celebrity status for all the wrong reasons. The Brit has appeared in court on charges he distributed crack cocaine, the result of a need to fund his gambling addiction.

Exeter Crown Court
Outside the Exeter Crown Court in Devon, England. This week, a court case involving a crack-dealing sports bettor just wrapped up. (Image: Devon Live)

Media outlet Birmingham Live describes Lawrence as a “foot fetish” actor. Lawrence reportedly sold foot and muscle fetish videos to people across the globe.

But his unique career wasn’t just an effort to make a living, it was also how he fueled a gambling and drug addiction. As a teenager, he reportedly became addicted to crack. Later he developed a sports betting habit.

But when his income couldn’t fund his addictions, he allegedly borrowed money from a drug gang. Eventually, Lawrence couldn’t pay back these funds and the gang threatened the 30-year-old and his family. As he racked up more bad debt with the group, the gang coerced him into selling drugs to pay down the loans.

In 2020, Lawrence became a drug dealer, selling crack out of his home.

That’s Not Foot Powder

But the law caught up with Lawrence in August 2020 when police caught him making a drug deal out of his car.

When police searched his car, they found £8,010 (US$9,728) in cash, scales, baggies and 264 grams of coke. In his home, they also found £22,000 (US$26,719) worth of cocaine. In addition, they found several pairs of Nike tennis shoes, which Lawrence said he used to make the fetish videos.

A search of his phone revealed other drug deals, with evidence showing he sold two kilos in two months.

Lawrence didn’t go out of his way to cover his tracks. In addition to the physical evidence at home and the phone records, he also had unexplained movements in his bank accounts. Investigators discovered £19,000 (US$23,075) in the accounts and a deposit for £11,000 (US$13,361).

Lawrence claimed much of it was from his fetish videos.

Court Sentence

He appeared in court this week to answer for his drug-dealing days. A judge sentenced him to seven years, two months, and 12 days behind bars.

Lawrence reportedly began treatment programs to overcome his addictions following his arrest.