Admiral Gaming Expands UK Footprint with New Coventry Slot Hall

Posted on: April 12, 2022, 10:17h. 

Last updated on: April 13, 2022, 01:45h.

The UK city of Coventry is getting a new gambling property. Admiral Gaming will soon have more than 230 gaming halls across the country. That’s following approval to rezone the Coventry property to allow for gaming,

Admiral Gaming
Admiral Gaming is getting a new gambling hall in Coventry, Great Britain. The city’s leaders approved the new facility last week. (Image: Lancs Live)

In the heart of Coventry, a central England city and the ninth-largest in the country sits a small retail space. It has been empty for some time, but that’s going to change very soon.

Last week, the Coventry City Council signed off on a request to bring to life a gambling hall inside the property. It’s going to be a relatively small facility. But it will offer jobs and more revenue to the city, both of which it needs.

Coventry Adds New Gambling Hall

Since 2019, a retail space in Coventry’s Cross Cheaping shopping center has remained empty. The COVID-19 pandemic hindered interest, but that’s now changing. As economies worldwide begin to reappear, retail growth may pick up.

Luxury Leisure is taking advantage of the situation to introduce a new gaming property to the area, according to the Coventry Telegraph. It will operate an “adult gaming center” that offers casino-style gaming and slot machines under the Admiral Gaming brand.

Before the company could realize its plans, it needed to secure the rights to offer its activity. The Coventry City Council approved its rezoning request last week, allowing gaming operations to be included.

It’s not going to be a large gaming facility. The company hasn’t announced how many gaming machines it will offer, but the space won’t allow for many. In keeping with the UK’s ever-changing gaming regime, jackpots on the machines will only reach £400 and £500 (US$520 and $651).

The Coventry Telegraph adds that the rezoning request and solicitation to host gaming machines received majority support. Only one person objected, asserting that the minute gaming operation will create “anti-social behavior” among the locals.

That individual will have to learn to live with it and the bright neon sign the City Council approved. The area is already home to bookmakers Ladbrokes and Betfred and several small gaming shops. The Genting Casino Coventry is only a half-mile away.

Property Arrives Amid Gambling Law Rejig

Coventry is desperate to fill all of its retail spaces following COVID-19, and Luxury Leisure is happy to oblige. The timing, however, is a little concerning. The UK is undergoing one of its biggest gaming regulation overhauls in decades, and this could impact the new property just when it’s trying to get going.

There are calls for extreme limits to how much consumers can gamble per visit and how often they can gamble. Some staunch gambling opponents, who have been able to sway political opinion, would like to see slow machines with limits of £1 (US$1.30). This would seriously cut into the entertainment value of playing slots, as well as reduce revenue for commercial operators, as well as the government.

There is also a push for consumers to prove they can afford to gamble. While someone earning $20,000 a year should never be able to spend $200,000 in a single gambling session, responsible gambling advocates want more. They want all consumers to show all sources of income before being able to place a single wager.

The updated gambling laws will arrive shortly. They’re already overdue, since the previous expectation was to present the last year. After a few delays, lawmakers and gaming regulators will likely present their proposals within the next six weeks.