Power: Mid-Season Breakdown – Our Death Forecast Is Looking Good

You might remember when the team at Casino.org analyzed data on the number of kills in Power back in August, to predict what we thought would happen in Season 6.

Now there’s been eight episodes, we thought we’d check in on our death forecast and see how the predictions are faring.

And if you haven’t watched them yet (you’re missing out btw) we just want to point out there will be spoilers here, so: WARNING! DO NOT READ THIS!

A lot has happened so far in Season 6. But we’re not here to tell you what we think is going to happen, or whether we are Team Tommy or Team Ghost.

Here’s a mid-season update of our study and prediction:

Data on the number of deaths in Power Season 6
Image: Update on the number of deaths in Power Season 6 – Casino.org

For our prediction of 48 kills in the season to be accurate, there needs to be four kills an episode. Now, you guys maybe be raising your eyebrows and saying that will never happen.

But remember when the Jimenez, FBI, Jerry, Dre and Jason killed eight people in episode 3? #JustSaying

What is the most common cause of death in Power season 6?

Data showing causes of death in Power Season 6
Image: Causes of death in Power Season 6 – Casino.org

*The unknown death was off screen

Who is the most lethal character in Power?

If you are wondering who the number one murderer has been so far, we have it here …

Data on Power number of kills by murderer
Image: Power number of kills by murderer – Casino.org

There have been 11 different murderers so far this season, which is a huge jump from season one when there were only four.

If you have made it this far down, hope you enjoyed this breakdown of our predictions. Make sure you tell us whose team you’re in! Team Tommy or Ghost?