The Hidden Potential Of Baccarat Side Bets Explained

The Hidden Potential Of Baccarat Side Bets Explained

Baccarat side bets are bonus bets found in online casinos, separate to the main wager on whether the Player or Banker will win the round. The baccarat gambling community love placing wagers on side bets because they increase the risk and the fun of the game, and of course, boast some high paying odds.

What Are Baccarat Side Bets?

Baccarat side bets are optional wagers players can make before a game of baccarat begins. Different baccarat variants offer a set combination of side bets. You can check online baccarat table layouts to make sure the game offers the side bets you’re most interested in.

Side bets make the game of baccarat exciting because there are more ways to win and most of the payouts are higher than even-money odds.

It’s important to note however, that house edge percentages on certain side bets fluctuate vastly based on what cards are still in a shoe. Depending on the cards remaining, the odds of winning a side bet can significantly increase or decrease.

If you want to place a side bet, you do so at the start of each round, before the cards are drawn for the main Player and Banker hands.

Now, let’s look at a range of side bets and how they work.

Tie Side Bet

The Tie side bet in baccarat is the most popular. It’s a wager that the game will end in a tie, meaning that the total value of the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand are equal.

The tie side bet payoff is usually 8:1 and the house edge is 14.3%.

Pair Side Bets

The Pair side bet features in most online baccarat games.

A valid Pair is the result of the first two cards drawn to the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand. There are four pair side bets you can choose to wager on. The payoff odds for each are as follows:

  • Player Pair: 11:1
  • Banker Pair: 11:1
  • Either Player or Banker Pair: 5:1
  • Perfect Pair (pair of the same rank and suit): 25:1

The Perfect Pair house edge = 13.03%. The Player or Banker Pair house edge = 10.36%.

Some online baccarat versions offer 200:1 payout odds (and sometimes more) for double Perfect Pairs. For this baccarat side bet bonus to succeed, the Player and Banker hands must each form a perfect pair in the same round.

Super 6 Baccarat Side Bet

A bet placed on the Super 6 side bet wins when the Banker’s hand has a total value of six (with two or three cards) and beats the Player hand that has a lower total value.

Some baccarat table rules allow players to place a Super 6 side bet without betting on any of the main Player or Banker betting options.

The Super 6 payoff odds are as follows:

  • Winning Super 6 side bets on two cards pays 12 to 15:1
  • Winning Super 6 side bets on three cards pays 20 to 23:1

The house edge on 12:1 payout odds is 29.98%.

The house edge increases from 1.06% in the normal game—when you pay commission on banker wins—to 1.45% when you don’t. This is because you’ll only get paid out 50% (or 1:2 payout odds) of a winning banker bet, when the banker’s hand forms a Super 6.

The Panda 8 Side Bet

A Panda 8 side bet wins when the Player’s hand forms a total of 8 points with three cards and beats the Banker’s hand. If the first two cards for the Player totals an 8 (a Natural) this is not a winning Panda 8 side bet.

A winning Panda 8 side bet pays out at 25:1 and the house edge is 10.19%.

If you place a main bet on the Player’s hand and a Panda 8 is formed and beats the Banker hand, you’ll be paid out for the main Player bet, as well as the Panda 8 side bet.

The Dragon 7 Side Bet

A Dragon 7 side bet wins when the Banker’s hand forms a total of 7 points with three cards and beats the Player’s hand.

This banker side bet is paid at 40:1 odds, and the house edge is 7.61%.

In the Dragon 7 baccarat variant, commission on winning banker bets is not deducted. However, in some baccarat variants, the casino has a rule that when the banker’s hand forms a Dragon 7, main banker bets are not paid. The bet becomes a push and only the Dragon side bet is paid out on.

The Dragon Bonus Side Bet

When you place a Dragon Bonus side bet, you can win payout odds from 2:1 to 30:1 when the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand forms at least 4 points over the losing hand, and the winning hand total is formed using three cards.

You can place a Banker Dragon side bet or a Player Dragon side bet. Whatever Dragon Bonus side bet you choose to bet on, you should also place a bet on the main Banker or Player hands.

Natural winning hands (i.e., two cards forming 8 or 9) will be paid at 1:1 odds.

In case of a tie, Dragon Bonus side bets will push.

A winning hand ranges from 4 points to 9 points and must be formed using three cards (non-Natural hands).

Examples of Dragon Bonus side bets:

  1. The Player’s hand total consisting of three cards is 9, and the Banker’s hand is 0; the Player wins over Banker by 9 points. A Dragon Bonus side bet will payout 30:1.
  2. The Banker’s hand total consisting of three cards is 6, and the Player’s hand has 1 point; the Banker wins over the Player by 5 points. A Dragon Bonus side bet will payout 2:1.

Dragon Bonus payout odds:

  • 4 or 5 points: 2:1 (some table variants payout 1:1 for 4 points)
  • 6 points: 4:1
  • 7 points: 6:1
  • 8 points: 10:1
  • 9 points: 30:1

Dragon Bonus house edges:

  • Dragon Bonus house edge on Player = 2.65%
  • Dragon Bonus house edge on Banker = 9.37%

Winning Multiple Baccarat Side Bets

If you make multiple baccarat side bets, it’s possible to win more than one side bet in the same round. For example, let’s say you bet Banker Pair and Super 6 and the result of the hand is as follows:

  • Player’s Hand = 10♦️ and 2♠️ so the total = 12
  • Banker’s Hand = 3♣️ and 3♠️ so the total = 6 (Pair of 3s)
  • Player draws a 3rd card which is a 2♦️. Therefore, the Player’s final hand total = 4 points.
  • Result: The Banker’s hand beats the Player’s hand with 6 points over 4.

In the above example, you would win both your Banker Pair and Super 6 side bets.

The more side bets you bet on the more winning combinations are possible.

FAQs About Baccarat Side Bets

Are side bets bad in baccarat?

Side bets in baccarat are only bad if you don’t understand the odds and expect to win too often. Players use different baccarat game strategies to try and win the high paying odds that baccarat side bets offer. Of course, the house edges on side bets will be higher, too.

If you can grasp the probabilities of winning or losing side bets, you can control how much you’re prepared to risk.

What are the best side bets in baccarat?

Pairs, Ties and Dragon Bonus side bets are the most popular among baccarat players. Super 6, Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets tend to be bet on when one or more hasn’t occurred for a while.

How do you place a side bet in baccarat?

You normally have to place a bet on Player or Banker in order to be allowed to place certain side bets. Available side bets in baccarat can be viewed on the table layout. Players look out for the options to wager on side bets and place chips by clicking or tapping the screen before cards are drawn for each baccarat round.

Baccarat Side Bets Conclusion

A beginner playing baccarat will quickly learn how to bet on the main Banker and Player hands. Progressing to wager on side bets increases the risk, but also the fun—especially when side bets win.

The house edges on side bets are higher, though payoffs could give players a winning edge— but only if they’re fortunate enough to win on them.

You can bet on multiple side bets before each baccarat round begins. Staking money on baccarat side bets may not increase your chances of winning, but they increase anticipation and excitement.

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