Wynn and Encore Resume Paid Parking, We’ve Got Details

As we first shared in mid-July, Wynn and Encore are resuming paid self-parking, largely due to the opening of The Sphere.

The official announcement is expected on Sep. 8 (see below for an update), but we like to sleep in, so we’ll share the details before the news release drops.

Paid self-parking starts at Wynn and Encore on Sep. 27, 2023.

Paid parking solves a lot of problems for resorts, including assuring there’s enough space for their customers and hotel guests.

The resumption of paid parking at Wynn follows a roll-out of paid parking at its neighboring hotels, Venetian and Palazzo. After that move, Wynn was sort of stuck.

Unbridled optimism says throngs of people will storm the Sphere to see U2 and $50 movies (we are not making this up), leading to a parking garagecalypse, a term which we may have just invented.

So, Wynn has taken a fairly generous approach to its paid parking relaunch, so as to ensure there’s parking for its customers, even if crowds do magically appear for the $2.3 billion IMAX theater across the street.

Wynn and Encore will keep things simple, charging a flat $20 fee to self-park, as we reported previously was being finalized.

Parking for the first four hours will be free (other Strip resorts typically give guests an hour free, three hours free for locals).

Parking at Wynn and Encore will remain free for hotel guests.

Top loyalty club tier members will also continue to get free parking. (We didn’t get the exact tier information, but you’ll see it reported breathlessly by local media when the news release hits their in-boxes.)

Parking in a secure location is an important way to avoid rampaging mutant manatees. You thought we were going to do a story without an A.I. image, didn’t you? Do you know this blog at all?

We trust all this information will be updated on the Wynn Las Vegas Web site before we wake up.

Anyway, that’s about it. This news is unlikely to cause too much of a uproar, as we’ve been talking about it for more than a month, and nearly every resort on The Strip has paid parking now.

What happens if the anticipated crowds don’t materialize for The Sphere? These policies can always be rolled back. Wynn reversed course on its paid parking policy in 2018 when it was affecting business in its Wynn Plaza. It can always reverse the reversal of its reversal. Please keep up.

Four hours free is plenty of time to gamble, shop, dine or see “Awakening.” We recommend doing all those things at Wynn, one of our favorite resorts on The Strip.

Update (9/8/23): Wynn Las Vegas has confirmed the information we shared, with further details. In a statement, Wynn says, “Complimentary self-parking will be extended to all registered Resort and Tower Suite guests, Wynn Poker Room guests, Private Access members, and Wynn Rewards members in the Chairman, Platinum and Black tiers.” Wynn has also updated its valet parking policy: “Valet parking will be $40 per day. Complimentary valet parking will be available to guests staying in the Wynn and Encore Tower Suites, Wynn Rewards Black and Chairman Card members, Private Access members, and guests of Delilah.” Wynn also echoed the reasons for the parking policy changes, stating, “The new parking policy is a result of the anticipated increased demand for parking at nearby attractions, and a higher volume of city-wide events. The program is intended to ensure ample, free parking is available for guests to visit and enjoy the resort’s dining, entertainment, and shopping amenities.”