Willie Nelson Deepfake Ad for Omega Mart is Wonderfully Disturbing

How many things have you seen today that are truly creative and original? We’ll wait.

Well, the wait is over. You’re about to get an eyeful of Omega Mart, a new entertainment destination at Area 15 in Las Vegas.

Omega Mart opens Feb. 18, 2021, and we can pretty much guarantee you’ve never heard, or imagined, anything like it.

Omega Mart Las Vegas
Welcome to the twisted reality of Omega Mart Las Vegas.

Omega Mart is described as an “interactive, mind-bending art experience.” From what we’ve seen, that’s sort of an understatement.

At Omega Mart, “Participants explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes.”

Normally, we’d cringe. Instead, we’re intrigued.

That’s because this place is so weird, it doesn’t matter how it’s described, there’s creative genius at work and we can’t wait to see what Omega Mart has in store. Literally.

Here’s the mesmerizing “deepfake” video for Omega Mart, hosted by “Willie Nelson,” sorta.

We just went from intrigued to enthralled.

There’s so much going on here, the human brain can’t really process it all.

It’s hilarious and ballsy and strange and inventive. It’s reality turned on its head. It’s familiar and absolutely foreign. It’s inspired. It’s unnerving. It’s bent.

Mostly, it’s fun as hell.

Omega Mart Vegas
Why do you always have to “understand” things? You aren’t your grandpa.

Omega Mart springs from the demented geniuses at art collective Meow Wolf, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Here’s the official Omega Mart Web site, teeming with WTF.

We trust not everyone’s going to be onboard for this level of weird, but the attraction’s twisted sensibility is guaranteed to create a lot of buzz while helping visitors seek out a venue with a challenging location.

Omega Mart Las Vegas ad
Meat has always been a treat in Las Vegas.

Area 15 is self-described as an “immersive entertainment and events complex,” and sits about a mile west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Area 15 is sort of a mall, but more fun.

First and foremost, Area 15 has an awesome bar, Oddwood, from Ryan Doherty, the guy behind downtown’s Park on Fremont, Discopussy and Lucky Day lounge on Fremont Street.

Area 15’s line-up also includes a flight simulator, zip-lining, virtual reality, art in a variety of edgy forms, an interactive museum called Museum Fiasco, axe-throwing, a freaky video arcade and a distillery.

We expect Omega Mart will help put Area 15 on the map as a must-visit Las Vegas destination.

If you’re still baffled by what Omega Mart actually is, the folks at Meow Wolf are doing their best to explain it.

It’s described as a “playground for your inner child,” it’s selfie and family-friendly, “a spa for the imagination” and “a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.”

Meow Wolf also says, “Think of the greatest amusement park you’ve ever been to, with a Vegas-style twist.”

Given what we’ve seen so far, we’re adding Omega Mart to our short list of most-anticipated Las Vegas openings of 2021, which is saying something because there’s no gambling. Hey, nobody’s perfect.