VooDoo Zip Line Set to Lift Off in Early November, 2013

It takes a special kind of crazy, known in some circles as “fearlessness,” to ride and enjoy a zip line.

The new zip line at Rio Las Vegas, the VooDoo Zip Line, will test your mettle to the extreme in early November, 2013.

Downtown’s zip line was so popular, they’re building an entire attraction around it, SlotZilla. We suspect the VooDoo Zip Line will be even more successful given the views the ride will provide of the Las Vegas Strip.

Do we get sweaty palms from a rendering? Why yes, yes we do.
Do we get sweaty palms from a rendering? Why yes. Yes, we do.

The VooDoo Zip Line will run between the two hotels at Rio Las Vegas. Yikes factor: Extraordinary.

The new ride will send passengers 33 miles per hour from the taller Masquerade tower, 40 stories up (the Rio claims to be 51 stories, but it’s really 41, due to the floor numbers skipping 40-49, Asian superstition-wise), to the 20-story Ipanema tower, more than 490 feet above the ground. The very, very hard, unforgiving ground.

Unlike a lot of other zip lines, this one will accommodate two riders at once. The ride will cover a third of a mile, and run both forward and backward.

Here’s a little flavor.

The new ride will run from noon to midnight starting in early November. Admission is $24.99 per person from noon until 5:30 p.m., and $37 from 5:30 p.m. until midnight. Learn more.

Ready to take a ride on the newest thrill ride in Sin City? Rest assured, this Las Vegas blog will be watching with unbridled exhilaration, from the ground far, far below.