Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 50: Interview With a Las Vegas Escort and More

For our 50th episode, we go deep into the world of Las Vegas escorts. Our guest is Nikki, who tells all about the business, culture and lingo of being a sex worker in Sin City.

Nikki breaks down how hooking up with a Las Vegas escort works, from first contact to happy ending and everything in between.

Wax your back and break out your W-2, we’re in for a wild ride.

Las Vegas sex harness
Sin City has “sin” right there in the name, so stop blushing, already.

We’ve also got a metric ass-ton of news, history and pointless rambling that definitely suffers by comparison to learning about “strap-on action.” We soldier on, anyway.

This week’s listicle is “12 of the Best Things at 12 Las Vegas Resorts.”

Cleo at SLS Las Vegas
Topping our list is Cleo restaurant, our favorite thing at SLS Las Vegas. Besides the go-go dancers. Because we’re evolved like that.

We’ll also share some epic iTunes reviews, because as far as we’re concerned, there can never be too much us.

This week’s episode is the final episode of our first season (subject to change without notice), so don’t miss it.