Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 26: Pole Dancing, Italians, Tipping the Odds and Rumors Galore

It’s so much Vegas, you might hemorrhage!

In this episode of the morally bankrupt Vital Vegas Podcast, we start with a peek at the Pole Show at UNLV.

Pole Show
Skill level: Defibrillator.

We also share an interview with the hosts of a great Las Vegas podcast, Tipping the Odds Las Vegas.

There’s also an interview with an Italian. We should probably mention he’s a manager at a new Italian restaurant in St. Mark’s Square at Venetian, Mercato Della Pescheria. We loved the place, and it may very well have the best lasagna in the entire United States.

Mercato Della Pescheria
If we had to choose between a pole dancer and the lasagna at Mercato Della Pescheria, let’s just say, “Please pass the Parmesan.”

This episode is bloated with Las Vegas news, too!

We talk about the possibility Tournament of Kings is closing at Excalibur, the new sports lounge at The Cal, the demolition of La Bayou (see below), Cornerstone Steakhouse at Gold Coast, Lucky Dragon, Palm restaurant’s renovation, “Cherry Boom Boom” at Tropicana, Red on Fremont East and more.

La Bayou demolition
The space formerly known as La Bayou.

The “Listicle of the Week” blows through 12 Las Vegas shows that have closed in 2016, or soon will. They include “Jersey Boys,” “Showstoppers,” “Puppet Up,” Paul Zerdin, Dirk Arthur, “Jubilee,” Frankie Moreno, “Zarkana,” Matt Goss, “Raiding the Rock Vault,” “Twisted Vegas” and “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.” We probably didn’t need to use the word “include,” since that’s all 12 on our list.

Twisted Vegas
How did “Twisted Vegas” tank considering all the escargot hilarity? Travesty!

In “This Week in Las Vegas History,” we mention UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) held its very first classes on Sep. 10, 1957. Some of UNLV’s 1957 courses were:

googie Advanced Racism
googie Minsky’s Follies: Ruining Civilization as We Know It
googie How to Finance a Las Vegas Casino (Guest instructor: Jimmy Hoffa)
googie Atom Bombs: Safe, Entertaining and Nearby
googie Who Is Senator Kefauver and How Do We Shut Him Up?
googie Gaming Hospitality, or How to Clean Up After a Horse
googie Population Crisis: How Las Vegas Will Manage Its 44,000 Residents?
googie Whacking Guys for Fun and Profit
googie The Art of Skimming
googie The Stardust: A Las Vegas Hotel Sure to Outlast Them All

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