Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 10: The Park Walk-Through, Donut Bar and 10 Great Ways to Blow Your Wad in Las Vegas

In this 10th and possibly final episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we stroll the Las Vegas Strip’s newest pedestrian promenade, The Park. Yes, all of it. Front to back, top to bottom, like we’re a TSA agent and The Park is taking the red-eye to Amsterdam. Or something.

Bliss Dance The Park Las Vegas
We’re going to need a bigger penis. Or something.

Our walk in The Park had a few surprises, even to us. First, we bumped into unintentional guest and Las Vegas media superstar, Johnny Kats of the Las Vegas Sun.

Then, we chatted with hottie, sweetheart and musician Lydia Ansel.

Lydia Ansel
Las Vegas musician and boot-wearer Lydia Ansel makes a surprise appearance on this week’s podcast, and we’ve never been sorrier it’s not a vlog.

Our “Listicle of the Week” is “10 Great Ways to Blow Your Wad in Las Vegas,” highlighting over-the-top ways to spend ridiculous amounts of money on only-in-Vegas experiences.

10 Great Ways to Blow Your Wad in Vegas

1. The $777 burger at Burger Brasserie. The $777 includes champagne, or just get the burger for $77.

2. Drive really, really fast at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. It’s a blast, even at $499 for eight laps and $2,699 for 50 laps.

Richard Petty Driving Experience
Your missile awaits.

3. Down $700 shots of cognac at Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace.

4. Try the $250,000 Hyde Bellagio experience. That price tag gets you Ace of Spades champagne, swag and you get to press the button that starts the Bellagio’s iconic fountains.

5. Taste the $10,000 Ono cocktail at Encore’s XS Nightclub.

6. Join the Mile High Club with a flight on Love Cloud. It’s a charter aircraft service that costs $1,399 for 90 minutes of private time, or about 89 minutes more than this blog needs, if you get our drift.

Love Cloud
The Love Cloud aircraft is a six seat Cessna 421. And by “seat,” of course, we mean pillow.

7. Get the four-hand massage at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental. That’s two massage therapists for one hour and 50 minutes, for $620. Encore has a four-hander, too, and costs $560, but that treatment is only an hour and 20 minutes.

8. Stay in a ridiculous Las Vegas suite: There’s one at the Palms with half a basketball court and another with two bowling lanes ($25,000, pictured below), and the Octavius Tower Villas at Caesars go for about $40,000 per night. Lower-priced options include the Nobu Penthouse ($3,100 to start), Sky Suites at Aria ($3,500-$7,500) and Presidential suite at Bellagio (starts at $5,000/night).

Palms Kingpin Suite
The Kingpin Suite at Palms boasts a supply of bowling shoes, a wet bar, pool table and butler service. You go, Vegas.

9. Rent Mandalay Beach. That’s right, the whole thing. A basic $15,000 package gets you a private barbecue and outdoor movie. There’s $100,000 package, though, that includes a live concert.

10. Go big or go home by playing a $5,000 per coin Red, White and Blue slot machine at Aria. It’s pretty common to find $500 per coin machines in Las Vegas. Either way, even modest wins on these machines can reap great rewards.

And here’s a bonus way to blow your dough in Sin City.

11. Host a private party at Drai’s Beach Night Club atop the Cromwell. For a mere $737,000, you and 50 friends will be flown into Vegas on a Boeing 737. The package includes a 30-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spade Midas and a 15-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spade Rose Nebudchanezar, whatever that might be. Oh, and 100 bottles of Don Perignon. You and your party will also get their own a three-and-a-half minute fireworks show.

You’re welcome!

Also on this week’s podcast, we’ve also got an interview with Jeff Thomas, one of the co-owners of the new Donut Bar, adjacent to Carson Kitchen in downtown Las Vegas.

Donut Bar Las Vegas
Once we introduce you to Donut Bar, there will soon be more of you to love.

It’s an action-packed, calorie-rich show, so take a listen.