Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 57: Corduroy, Robert Irvine and a Metric Hell-Ton of Unsubstantiated Rumors

It’s the podcast everyone’s talking about. And by “everyone,” of course, we mean the criminally insane.

Join them in enjoying our little dog and pony show as we glaze Las Vegas with our hot, sticky blathering.

Get all the skinny about a new bar on Fremont East, Corduroy, and the new Robert Irvine’s Public House restaurant a Tropicana.

For awhile, Corduroy was going to be called The Vault. Thank you for getting your utterly useless information here.

We’ll also scoop the local media with details about O.J. Simpson’s demolished crime scene at Palace Station, the new zombie attraction at Fremont Street Experience, as well as insider exclusives about All Net Arena, the Raiders training facility and the fate of Flippin’ Good Burgers on Fremont.

O.J. Simpson crime scene
This is the site at Palace Station where O.J. Simpson did his asshattery in Las Vegas. Nine years worth, actually.

Naturally, we’ll pummel your ear canal into submission with an epic and gratuitous round-up of Las Vegas news.

The episode reaches the pinnacle of hedonistic ecstasy (actual results may vary) with a listicle, “20 New Things in Downtown Las Vegas.”

It’s all that and much, much less, so take a listen and kill a few minutes you’d otherwise have to spend helping reverse global warming or something.