Venetian Installs Crane for Pool Renovation

A massive crane has been installed at the Venetian resort, and we’ve got the skinny on what’s up.

Venetian crane
The crane isn’t exactly at Venetian, but it’s not at Palazzo, either. It’s sort of in between. Let’s not get bogged down in details.

The crane will be used for the Venetian’s upcoming pool renovation.

Work on the pool deck will begin in September 2018, according to the Venetian.

Venetian crane
Coincidentally, this is the same type of crane we tend to need after visiting a Las Vegas buffet. Don’t judge.

From what we understand, Venetian guests will be able to use Palazzo’s pool during the overhaul.

When we saw the crane going up, we thought for a moment it might be a sign the Venetian would finish building its stalled St. Regis Residences tower.

That’s the one with the million-dollar wrap most Vegas visitors don’t even realize is a wrap.

You can see it in this photo of the crane.

Venetian crane
The St. Regis tower wrap is one of the best magic tricks in Las Vegas.

Read more about the St. Regis tower at Venetian.

No such luck, though.

While Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has said the company will complete the St. Regis tower at some point, no timeline has been shared.

In the meantime, guests of Venetian will get a revamped pool complex with the help of a giant stuff lifter thingy.

Look, we’re a blog, not a lattice sectionalized tower crane expert. Although, ask us about luffing jibs sometime. We’re all over those.

Update: Make that “cranes.”

Venetian cranes
They say it’s just the pool, but as a contractor friend said, “They didn’t put up $3 million in cranes for just a pool.”