“Vegas Nocturne” Closes at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Inside The Cosmopolitan

The popular “Vegas Nocturne” has closed at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

As we first reported July 6, 2014, cast members were told the show was closing ahead of time, but even as late as the day of the show’s final performance at Cosmo (July 12), the show’s box office and online ticket site Ticketmaster were stating tickets were available for purchase.

The cast of “Vegas Nocturne” performed 100 shows, or 300 “cantos” (self-contained segments that made up an evening’s entertainment at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.), during the show’s short run.

Vegas Nocturne
“Vegas Nocturne” was a irreverent collection of top-notch variety acts.

Despite “Vegas Nocturne” being an integral part of the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. experience, the hotel says the venue will remain open, including an entertainment component, although no specifics have been given.

A statement from The Cosmo says, “The Cosmopolitan is excited about the next chapter in the venue’s evolution. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. will remain open and continue to create extraordinary experiences for guests blurring the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment.”

Those who purchased advance tickets for “Vegas Nocturne” can get a refund by contacting the box office at 877-667-0585. Use the refund to see “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace. We’re just saying.

Hope remains for “Vegas Nocturne,” as the show’s producers, Spiegelworld, are shopping it around in an attempt to find a new venue.

Vegas Nocturne
Sad news. We were a fan.

No official reason has been given for the closing of “Vegas Nocturne,” but high production costs are a likely culprit (especially relevant given the recent sale of The Cosmopolitan to Blackstone Group, a private equity investment firm), as well as rumors of flagging ticket sales in recent months, possibly caused by confusion about what the show actually entailed. (The “cantos” thing didn’t help.)