That’s All She Wrote for Harley-Davidson Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip

A fixture of the Las Vegas Strip, the Harley-Davidson Cafe, closed on Oct. 31, 2016.

The restaurant has gone dark and much of its exterior signage has been removed.

Harley-Davidson Cafe closed
The motorcycle on the restaurant’s facade is being removed. How awesome would it be if the worker who took the wheel was named Jesus?

We took a peek inside the Harley-Davidson Cafe, to bid a final farewell. To a place where we never visited, but that’s beside the point.

The Harley-Davidson Cafe boasted the “World’s Heaviest Flag” weighing seven tons, made of 44,000 links of chain. You can see a portion of the flag at right in the photo below.

Harley-Davidson Cafe closed
The closed Harley-Davidson Cafe, sans memorabilia.

The restaurant’s (7.1:1) scale replica of a Heritage Softail motorcycle on the building’s exterior is being dismantled.

For 19 years, the motorcycle has loomed large over Las Vegas Boulevard at the corner of Harmon Avenue. The motorcycle cost $750,000 to build, and is said to have stopped traffic when it was first erected.

The pieces of the motorcycle have been plucked unceremoniously from the restaurant’s facade and currently sit in front of the closed Harley-Davidson Cafe.

Harley-Davidson Cafe closed
The front tire weighs 1,200 pounds and measures 32 feet across, much like us after a Las Vegas buffet.

As we were the first to report, the Harley-Davidson Cafe closed because it had fallen several months behind in its rent payments.

Harley-Davidson Cafe held an auction of its memorabilia in October 2016.

Harley-Davidson Cafe closed
Not too different from most incidents involving motorcycles in Las Vegas.

A new tenant is in the works, but no official announcement has been made. Ask us nicely over a Captain and diet and we’ll be happy to share the scoop.