Three, Count ‘Em Three, Burger Joints Close in Las Vegas

You sometimes hear how Las Vegas has too many burger restaurants. Well, strike three from that list.

I Love Burgers has closed its two locations in Las Vegas, one at Venetian (pictured below) and another at the Town Square shopping mall.

I Love Burgers Venetian closed
Is the closing of I Love Burgers a repudiation of restaurants with symbols in their names? We hope not, as that would involve us looking up the definition of “repudiation.”

No reason was given for the restaurants closing, but the I Love Burgers Web site conveys this simple message, “We would like to thank our loyal guests and employees who have made the last six years a wonderful experience, but both I Love Burgers locations in Las Vegas have closed.”

I Love Burgers Town Square closed
We’re mainly sharing this photo of I Love Burgers at Town Square to prove we have taken a photo of absolutely everything in Las Vegas.

Another burger restaurant, Cheeseburger at the Oasis at Miracle Mile Shops, has also closed. It’s the one near the V Theater. Near the fountain thingy.

Oh, just look at the photo, already.

Cheese Burger Las Vegas closed
We’re not kidding. We have taken a photo of everything. We probably have a photo of you. Unless that’s creepy, then nevermind.

Our friends at report the restaurant closed because “the rent went up again.”

For a successful restaurant, a bump in rent isn’t a big deal, but for a struggling establishment, that could seal its fate.

There are still lots of stellar burgers in Las Vegas, of course, so you’ll manage.

You’ll even be able to get In-N-Out at Linq promenade soon. You’re welcome.