Sorry Not Sorry Ice Cream is Coming to Fremont East

A popular ice cream shop, Sorry Not Sorry Creamery, is moving into We All Scream in the Fremont East Entertainment district.

We all Scream is a nightlife venue with ice cream, which you don’t have to understand, it’s Fremont East.

Sorry Not Sorry Creamery has made a splash since opening in 2022, garnering rave reviews, good buzz and accolades.

You can visit the official Sorry Not Sorry Web site, but fair warning, you will gain four pounds doing so.

Lactose intolerant people don’t actually scream for ice cream, but let’s not get bogged down by details.

Sorry Not Sorry opened its original Las Vegas outpost about 10 minutes west of The Strip, at 9484 W. Flamingo Rd.

Based up on its success, Sorry Not Sorry is expanding quickly in Las Vegas, with new locations coming to Centennial Hills and Inspirada, places you’ve never heard of if you’re a tourist.

The announcement about the new shop says Sorry Not Sorry was named “Best Ice Cream in Las Vegas” two years in a row. The  announcement didn’t mention who did the naming, but the shop did win “Best New Ice Cream” in the 2023 Las Vegas Weekly’s “Best of Vegas” awards.

The Weekly didn’t give an award for ice cream in 2022, but did bestow an award for “Best Handheld Dessert,” to somebody else (SomiSomi).

The Review-Journal’s “Best of Las Vegas” Awards don’t have a “Best Ice Cream” category.

Despite our wasting 15 minutes on that rabbit hole, Sorry Not Sorry is popular and well-reviewed, with a 4.6 out of five stars on Yelp.

The opening of Sorry Not Sorry at We All Scream kicks off with a launch party on Sep. 21, 2023.

Thanks to Sorry Not Sorry for the pic and excessive salivation.

Our relationship with the existing ice cream shop at We All Scream has been spotty. The one time we found the place open, the employee was rude and we left without trying the ice cream. (There was also something about having to get the ice cream inside the venue, despite there being a service window outside.) We trust the whole vibe will change now, as the nightclub part of the venue was probably annoyed by having to deal with the ice cream part of the venue.

We All Scream is owned by Ryan Doherty, whose places tend to be awesome. We aren’t really a dance club type of person, but we definitely are an ice cream type of person, so we look forward to trying this new offering, especially since it will now have set, expanded, hours.

Window hours will be: Noon to 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday; noon until close Thursday through Saturday; with a transition to indoor service at 9:00 p.m. when the nightclub opens.

The shop will serve single scoops for $5.50 and double scoops for $7.95, with a fresh waffle cone for an additional $1.50.

According to the announcement, “Sorry Not Sorry uses Scott Brothers Dairy, a 100-year-old family-owned farm in California with grass-fed, hormone-free cows, which makes for higher quality milk.”

We are so all over this it’s not even funny. This ice cream sounds like the perfect follow-up to one of Ryan Doherty’s eateries in the neighborhood, including Meatball Hero, Park on Fremont, La Mona Rosa (formerly La Comida) or Peyote (at Fergusons Downtown next to the big rig centipede, you can’t miss it).

When Sorry Not Sorry opens at We All Scream, it will bring eight signature flavors, including six dairy-based flavors and two vegan ice creams. In a shocker, we get the weird feeling we might not hate the vegan flavors.

Flavors will include:

• O.G. Buttercake: Gooey butter cake folded into a cream cheese base.

• Bumbleberry Cheesecake Crumble: New York cheesecake ice cream with fresh-baked graham crumble and house-made bumbleberry swirl.

• Ube Honeycomb: Creamy ube ice cream with honeycomb candy pieces from Blooming Buns Bakehouse.

• Double Stuffed Cookies and Cream: Oreo-infused ice cream with chunks of Double Stuffed Oreo cookies.

• Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie: Chocolate ice cream with house-made brownies, brownie brittle and Ghiradelli chocolate fudge.

• Campfire S’mores: Toasted marshmallow ice cream with chunks of Hershey Chocolate, graham cracker crumble and mini marshmallows.

• Strawberry Shortcake (vegan): Cake batter oat milk base with house-made vegan vanilla cake pieces and fresh strawberry swirls.

• Rocky Road (vegan): Dark chocolate oat milk base with vegan marshmallows and sugar-glazed almonds.

If it’s one thing we’re known for, it’s adventurous eating, so we’re getting the cookies and cream, obviously. We wouldn’t know a bumbleberry if we fell into patch of them.

And we trust “ube” is a typo of some sort. Why anyone would make an ice cream flavored with a cube, tube or lube, we will never know.

It’s manatees or hummingbirds for the foreseeable A.I. future, get used to it.

The opening of Sorry Not Sorry is some much-needed good news for this neighborhood, as Donut Bar recently closed, as did VegeNation and Smashed Pig.

Ice cream makes everything better, and it’s especially appreciated in Las Vegas where temperatures often match those of a raku kiln.

The gauntlet has been thrown, as Lappert’s (inside The Cal) has long reigned as the best ice cream downtown. We haven’t been there recently because they stopped carrying chocolate chip, but nobody’s perfect.

Over the past few months, we’ve become addicted to another frosty treat, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard at Red Rock Resort. It’s destination frozen custard, and we’ve never seen the place without a line. Before you say it, Nielsen’s puts longtime Vegas fixture Luv-it Frozen Custard to shame. And nobody’s ever been stabbed at Nielsen’s, which is a big plus. You had to make it awkward.

Anyway, we can’t wait to try Sorry Not Sorry when it opens at We All Scream. Because, ultimately, nobody’s ever said, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for frozen custard.” See, it doesn’t rhyme. “I blustered, you blustered, we all blustered for frozen custard” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Yes, we’re padding our story.

Admit it, you aren’t even reading it at this point.

We know how you are.

Mmm, ice cream.