Six Shiny New Things at Monte Carlo Las Vegas

It’s happened without fireworks or media stunts, but Monte Carlo Las Vegas has stealthily added an impressive array of new offerings in recent weeks.

Monte Carlo
Yeah, it’s the one with the blue dudes.

The transformation taking place at Monte Carlo includes 800 Degrees Pizza, Double Barrel Roadhouse, Yusho restaurant, Blvd. Creamery, Sambalatte and a foliage-filled outdoor pedestrian plaza.

Let’s take a look at what’s new inside Monte Carlo, and outside, too.

1. 800 Degrees Pizza

800 Degress Pizza serves up build-your-own pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven at, you guessed it, around 800 degrees. That high heat means pizzas come out quickly, and the price points are appealing, too.

800 Degrees Pizza
Factoid: In August, you can bake pizzas on Las Vegas sidewalks at 800 degrees, too.

Our Margherita pizza was $7.65, and was big enough to share. Most toppings are an additional $1.50 each.

800 Degrees Pizza
We don’t get the blobs of cheese thing, but we’re a little old-school when it comes to pizza.

800 Degrees Pizza seats about 120 customers and has a 3,000-square-foot dining room, as well as a 1,000-square-foot outdoor patio.

800 Degrees Pizza
Oven temperature is measured by laser beam. Or something.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

800 Degrees Pizza
Your pizza moves down a sort of assembly line, assuring it’s fresh and custom-built.

The pizza crust is absolutely delicious, although the middle of the pizzas are on the soggy side. However, we’ve been informed by longtime reader, J.K. Grance, “The dots of cheese are the traditional style on a Margherita. If the pizza is a little soggy in the middle, then it’s a properly done Neapolitan-style pizza. Which is to say, the Margherita you had is a very old-school pie.”

Let us know what you think!

Still, the price is right, and the indoor-outdoor seating makes 800 Degrees Pizza a fine dining option on The Strip. A second Vegas location is scheduled for 800 Degrees Pizza, in the new SLS Hotel.

800 Degrees Pizza at Monte Carlo


2. Double Barrel Roadhouse

Like 800 Degrees Pizza, the new Double Barrel Roadhouse straddles indoors and outdoors.

Double Barrel Roadhouse
Monte Carlo has brought more food and drink curbside.

Double Barrel Roadhouse is spacious, with multiple levels within its 12,000-square-foot space.

Double Barrel Roadhouse
Yes, there are the requisite TVs, but they aren’t intrusive.

The signature cocktails are delicious, and run $14 a pop. We went with the Blue Orchid, with Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, Luxardo Maraschino cherry liqueur, Bols Blue Curacao liqueur and lemonade.

Double Barrel Roadhouse
The panty-dropper cocktails are in plentiful supply at Double Barrel Roadhouse.

We visited at lunch, but as the evening progresses, apparently there’s live entertainment, including performances on the restaurant’s catwalks.

Public service announcement: Before you visit Double Barrel Roadhouse, make sure to consult with our friends over at to learn more about some “It’s a prank, right?” charges this joint tacks onto your tab without telling you beforehand. It’s not as bad as the CNF charge we’ve shared in the past, but it’s a scam nonetheless.

Double Barrel Roadhouse at Monte Carlo


3. Blvd. Creamery

Blvd. Creamery offers treats of all sorts, but specializes in those of the frozen variety.

Blvd. Creamery
There be carbs here.

The ice cream isn’t particularly memorable, but the cost is. A small scoop of ice cream and one topping ran us $5.40. Not the most expensive ice cream on The Strip, but not a bargain either. (A triple scoop runs $9.) Hey, somebody has to pay for this prime location.

Blvd. Creamery
It’ll do in a pinch.

There were lots of other sweet treats to choose from as well, things like cookies and even some fancy Rice Krispie Treats.

Blvd. Creamery
‘Sup, Pinterest?

Again, there’s some great outdoor seating, perfect for relaxing and people-watching.

Blvd. Creamery
Sit outside Blvd. Creamery and you’re guaranteed to see some huge jugs. Well, they’re either jugs or giant bingo daubers. Either way, good times.

Enjoy a few more photos from Blvd. Creamery at Monte Carlo.

Blvd. Creamery at Monte Carlo


4. Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House

Yusho Restaurant opened April 9, 2014, with little fanfare.

Yusho Las Vegas
Yusho is Japanese for “winner.” Yes, we know how to use the Internet.

The new restaurant features Japanese street food, and is said to offer “the essential flavors of seasonal meats, fish and vegetables intensified over a fiery grill.”

Yusho Monte Carlo
We’re pretty sure they weren’t open yet, so don’t get all judgmental.

Yusho has a considerable pedigree. It was created by Matthias Merges who was Executive Chef at Chicago’s Charlie Trotter’s for 14 years.

Again, outdoor seating is available. It’s a thing.

See the restaurant’s full menu.

Yusho Restaurant at Monte Carlo


5. Sambalatte

It’s a coffee joint, but it’s Vegas, so it can’t just be a coffee joint, of course.

Sambalatte, instead, describes itself this way: “From the moment you arrive at the Sambalatte Torrefazione Coffee Lounge, you realize you have entered an environment of sensory immersion. Through meticulous attention to detail, Sambalatte provides an atmosphere that delights the senses.”

So, yeah, it’s a coffee joint.

Get more fluffery at Sambalatte’s official site.

Sambalatte at Monte Carlo


6. The Outdoors

Aside from all the new places to eat and drink at Monte Carlo, what’s really new is the outdoors.

The Park at Monte Carlo
Air. It’s sort of groundbreaking in Las Vegas.

The front of Monte Carlo has had some major work done, including the addition of lots of trees, stone work and water features.

The Park
The aforementioned water feature thingy.

The walkways along Monte Carlo are inviting and many are taking advantage of the ample seating at Blvd. Creamery, Sambalatte and Yusho.

Monte Carlo Las Vegas
A great place to chillax. If people are still chillaxing. We can’t keep up with what people are doing.

A message on the side of Blvd. Creamery perhaps says it best: Sit. Savour. Socialize.

We’re pretty sure a European did this engraving.

A sticking point, of course, is that “Sit. Savour. Socialize” sign doesn’t include another important “S” word in Las Vegas: Spend.

We aren’t quite convinced the proliferation of tree-lined outdoor spaces will translate into more business in casinos. Unless that’s not the goal. And if it’s not, what is the goal? Guess we’ll have to wait and see where all this outside takes us!

The Park
Trees for the nature-lovers, handrails for the liquor-lovers.

In any event, kudos to Monte Carlo for bringing together a diverse mix of new venues, as well as thoroughly transforming its facade and giving guests new things to see and do.

The Park at Monte Carlo Las Vegas