Shining a Light On the Biggest Buffet in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some massive buffets, to be sure. The Carnival World Buffet at Rio Las Vegas, for example, spans the length of an entire football field!

But the biggest Las Vegas buffet isn’t inside a Las Vegas hotel, it’s in the Luxor’s beam of light.

Each night, untold numbers of bugs are drawn to the beam, like moths to a flame. The Luxor’s light can be seen 250 miles away, after all. With the enormous number of bugs also come bats and birds to feast on the little buggers.

All you can eat, baby.
All you can eat, baby.

The bats are Brazilian free-tailed and western pipistrelles. Many of the bats live in the caves at Red Rock Canyon, about 20 miles to the west of The Strip.

Birds take part in the floating feast, too, of course.

So, on a windless night, take a closer look at the beam at Luxor Las Vegas, and witness Mother Nature doing some serious pest control.