Seven Fresh Reminders The Linq is Sort of Just a Mall

The Linq, an open-air district being built between Flamingo and The Quad, is going to be a big draw to center-Strip when it opens, due, in great part, to its crown jewel, the High Roller observation wheel.

Some initial tenants of The Linq were announced awhile back, including some interesting prospects like Brooklyn Bowl, a concert (and, secondarily, bowling) venue, and F.A.M.E. (which stands for food, art, music, entertainment), an Asian street market.

Hey, it's better than The Linque.
Hey, it’s better than The Linque.

A new batch of tenants was unveiled recently, and it was a reminder The Linq, despite a fair amount of hyperbole, is likely to pretty much be a mall. Here’s a quick overview of the seven recently-announced tenants.

1. 12 A.M. Run

The spin: This store, touted as a “premier sneaker boutique” is co-owned by hip-hop performer, Nas, whomever that might actually be.

Bottom line: It’s a shoe store.

Mr. Nas. This blog is not his demographic.
Mr. Nas. This blog is not his demographic.

2. Chilli Beans

The spin: This Brazilian eyewear and watch store “focuses on bringing fun, fast fashions through their brand-exclusive points of sale.” First, what is a “fast fashion”? Second, what in the hell was all the rest of that supposed to mean?

Bottom line: It’s a store with glasses and watches.

Fast fashion! Or something!
Fast fashion! Or something!

3. Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

The spin: Perhaps not surprisingly, this one’s described as a “unique Ghirardelli Chocolate experience.” We’re pretty sure there was a Ghirardelli store outside the Imperial Palace, now The Quad, at one time.

Bottom line: It’s a chocolate store.

Reliably delicious and overpriced.
Reliably delicious and overpriced.

4. Goorin Bros.

The spin: “Ball caps, fedoras, bowlers, knit caps and more.” Yes, bowlers. Because, you know, the popularity of bowlers.

Bottom line: It’s a hat store.

Oh, the douchery.
Potential dipwad factor: Extreme.

5. Polaroid Fotobar

The spin: We are absolutely not making this up. “A fun and experiential retail destination that is changing the paradigm of how people ‘liberate’ their photos and turn them into innovative and memorable products.”

Bottom line: It’s a store that prints photos on things.

We're pretty sure they're spelling "photo" wrong.
We’re pretty sure they’re spelling “photo” wrong.

6. The Stomping Grape

The spin: Sorry, the full name is “The Stomping Grape, a Food & Wine Experience.” It will feature wine and food.

Bottom line: It’s a wine bar, with food.

We do not condone this, but we think it's funny.
We needed a wine-related photo.

7. Vanity Style Lounge

The spin: “Vanity Style Lounge will offer hairstyles that look effortless and trendy.” We trust there will be experiential manicures and spray tans.

Bottom line: It’s a hair salon.

Bonus points if you can guess which Vegas entertainer's hair this is.
Bonus points if you can guess which Las Vegas entertainer’s hair this is.

Despite being a tad underwhelmed with the latest group of tenants, we’re still looking forward to all the new bars and restaurants at The Linq, including Tilted Kilt, Yard House, Off the Strip Bistro (Italian), Chayo Mexicano (Mexican) and Flour and Barley (pizza).

Oh, and there’s a definite cool factor with the yet-to-be-officially-announced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, an offshoot of the original in Cleveland, Ohio.

And did we happen to mention the giant-ass observation wheel?


See more of our photos of the High Roller observation wheel, and learn more about The Linq at its official site.