Searsucker Won’t Be Back at Caesars Palace

Word from former employees of Searsucker at Caesars Palace is the restaurant has closed permanently.

The restaurant was a partnership with Hakkasan Group and its closure comes in the heels of Hakkasan being acquired by Tao Group in April 2021.

Searsucker Caesars Palace
Among the indications Searsucker’s out is the fact the restaurant pulled the plug on its Instagram account.

Searsucker had a tough go of it during the pandemic, reopening after months of being closed (March 2020 to July 2020), only to close again (on August 15, 2020).

Searsucker, with chef Brian Malarkey at the helm, opened at Caesars Palace on March 27, 2015.

The restaurant was located near the resort’s sportsbook, former poker room and Omnia nightclub.

A memorable dish at Searsucker was the Cowboy Caviar, or deep-fried bull’s testicles with Champagne mustard vinaigrette.

The permanent closure hasn’t been confirmed by Caesars Palace or Hakkasan Group, but if we hear back from them, we’ll pass the response along.

Big thanks to Twitter follower Kerry B. for tipping us off to this news item.

There’s no word on what might replace Searsucker, but there’s a lot going on in the restaurant realm at Caesars Palace, including rumors of the resort getting a Bazaar Meat and Peter Luger Steak House.