Word Is Caesars Palace May Get Bazaar Meat

We love a juicy rumor! We hear Caesars Palace is going to have a Bazaar Meat restaurant from award-winning chef Jose Andres.

As this hasn’t been officially announced, we don’t know what this means for the existing north Strip location, inside The Casino That Shall Not Be Named Because We’re Not Giving Those Asshats Any Publicity.

Snagging a Bazaar Meat would be a big get for Caesars Palace.

Bazaar Meat
Bazaar Meat’s flair could add some bite to the restaurant mix at Caesars Palace.

While it’s not unprecedented for a casino to have two steakhouses (Golden Nugget has Vic & Anthony’s and Saltgrass), it seems highly unlikely Caesars would have three, so that means our beloved Old Homestead’s days could be numbered.

Old Homestead Steakhouse meatball
We miss you, Old Homestead’s meatball.

Bazaar Meat is highly regarded, and chef Jose Andres is renowned not only as a chef, but also as a philanthropist.

The chef’s World Central Kitchen has served 36 million meals to those in need.

We’d love to see Jose Andres expand his presence in Las Vegas, especially in a high profile resort like Caesars Palace.

Bazaar Meat isn’t just a steakhouse, it’s an experience, and one deserving of a more visible, successful location.