Retail Shops and Betty’s Diner Close at The Quad Las Vegas

All the shops in the “shopping promenade” at The Quad Las Vegas have all been shuttered, including Betty’s Diner, to make way for (wait for it) a food court and expanded gift shop.

The Quad Las Vegas
The shops at The Quad weren’t so much closed as euthanized.

The shops in question sat in a long hallway between the hotel’s Fat Tuesday and self-park garage.

The Quad shops
It was never all that easy spelling tchotchke, anyway.

The closed shops include Emporium, Fun Gifts, Higuchi, Whiskey Run and the Signature Shop.

The stores are being gutted for a significant overhaul. Unfortunately, the inside of the stores are off limits, so we’re unable to share photos of work-in-progress.

Yeah, right. Have you ever visited this blog before? Security breach, baby!

The Quad shops
Everything must go.

It’s been rough keeping up-to-date on all the changes at The Quad. Renovations have come in such rapid succession, in fact, even The Quad’s own Web site doesn’t reflect that the shops have closed.

Also walled up is Betty’s Diner and Cyber Cafe. Betty’s was known for its great location, specifically, in close proximity to timeshare salespersons and those tables that use high-power hoses to give you a massage.

The Quad
“A better Health Department grade than Firefly!” was the Betty’s motto.

The Quad’s Web site says the hotel hosts “nine distinct Las Vegas shopping experiences.” Frankly, even when all the shops were open, they weren’t particularly distinct, nor would they really qualify as “experiences.”

While plans for the space haven’t been official announced, it appears renovations will include a new food court (odds are it will have the same restaurants in other Caesars Entertainment food courts like at Flamingo or Bally’s), as well as a consolidated, expanded gift shop. Because it’s a Las Vegas hotel, that’s why.

The Quad construction
Unless The Quad is going with “implosion chic,” this is probably not representative of the new gift shop.

Nearly all the other renovations at the ever-transforming Quad Las Vegas have been a hit so far, including the return of O’Sheas (expansion coming soon), Catalyst Bar, Tag Bar and Guy Fieri’s restaurant, so we have high hopes these shop closures will make a vast improvement, too. (The new Mexican restaurant, by the way, can suck it.)

Room renovations are also in the works at The Quad, and the hotel is rumored to be getting a new name, too. (We know this because we started the rumor.)

Now, if only The Quad could find a new place for its timeshare salespeople. Say, Arizona.