Raiders Stadium Construction is Well Under Way in Vegas

Now that our puckball team, the Vegas Golden Knights, are in the Stanley Cup (you can only jinx something if it involves luck), we can take a moment to check out how construction of our Las Vegas Raiders stadium is progressing.

The $1.8 billion Las Vegas Raiders stadium broke ground in November 2017, with an eye toward a 2020 completion date.

Here’s the latest from the Las Vegas Raiders (that’s going to take some getting used to) construction site.

Las Vegas Raiders construction site
The future home of a team we’re not saying anything snarky about because we can’t afford a bodyguard.

About 225 workers are currently working on the stadium, a number expected to grow to 500 this fall.

Let’s pull out, so to speak.

Las Vegas Raiders stadium site
Crews had to excavate two-and-a-half football fields to build, you know, a football field.

Here’s a better look in case you want to get all up in the Raiders stadium’s business.

Crews are already pouring concrete, and the steel construction phase of the project will kick in later this year.

The new stadium is being built on 62 acres not far from Mandalay Bay and will accommodate about 65,000 people. Plans for the stadium include 24 parking spaces.

We’re kidding. It’s closer to 2,400 spaces. No biggy, the team has until September to figure it out. (We hear the Raiders have done a deal with the Orleans to use some of their parking, and other arrangements are still in the works.)

The search for parking spaces is just one part of preparing for the arrival of an NFL team.

Las Vegas Raiders stadium
Because you can’t spell rebar without “bar.”

We are no stadium construction expert, but apparently preparation of the construction site involved blasting things.

Las Vegas Raiders stadium
Blasting took place almost every day for two months. Vibration monitors were used to make the project sound sexier.

The new Las Vegas Raiders stadium will have a number of impressive features we can’t muster the energy to research.

One thing we know is the stadium will have a great view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders stadium is a stone’s throw from Excalibur. Please don’t throw an actual stone. You put a knight’s eye out and his jousting days are over.

Also, the stadium will have an ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ceiling, because Las Vegas sure as hell wouldn’t build a stadium without one, whatever it might be.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to share additional photos of the Las Vegas Raiders construction site because a sign told us not to.

Las Vegas Raiders photography
We caused a brouhaha on Twitter when we shared this photo, and 27,000 Tweet impressions later, we feel just horrible about it.

Seriously, best. Sign. Ever. We see an epic feud with the Las Vegas Raiders in our future!

Although this blog is unlikely to provide future construction updates, because sports, you’re in luck.

There’s an awesome free Web cam pointed at the site to help keep apprised of all the latest developments in concrete drying.

If we must have an NFL team in Vegas, we’re pleased to see the Las Vegas Raiders stadium moving along at a brisk pace. We’re looking at you, Resorts World.