Radio City Pizzeria Opens New Window for Slices

If you’re a fan of downtown, pizza or both, you’ll be happy to hear Radio City Pizzeria on Fremont East now has a walk-up window for slices.

Radio City Pizzeria
Take that, drunchies.

The new walk-up window was no-doubt inspired by the walk-up window at the far superior Pizza Rock a few blocks away.

No matter what the inspiration, though, folks on Fremont East who need their pie fix will be gratified to find their slices so readily available. (Especially since Radio City Pizzeria is the best non-Pizza Rock alternative now that Uncle Joe’s Pizza has closed across the street. Uncle Joe’s is being replaced by Flippin’ Good Burgers and Shakes.)

The menu is modest at the new slices window, but modesty is always welcome downtown.

Radio City Slices
Trivia: If you combine all three varieties of slices, you can make your own flag of Tajikistan.

The walk-up window will also, presumably, sell hooch. The rules about liquor on Fremont Street are quirky, though, so we’ll be interested to see if that flies. Here’s the list, anyway.

Radio City Pizza
Nothing says downtown like some readily-accessible cans.

You can find Radio City Pizzeria on the Facebooks.