Punk Rock Bowling Fest 2024 to Feature Three of the Greatest Bands in Human History

We are not really a concert person or a Punk Rock Bowling person, but in 2024, we’re going to absolutely attend this music festival in downtown Las Vegas. The dates: May 24-27, 2024.

The bands: Madness. Devo. English Beat.

To put this in terms the youths will understand, it’s like if you went to a Taylor Swift concert, but there were three Taylor Swifts and all of them were experiencing wardrobe malfunctions.

Energy Dome would’ve made a much better name for the Sphere than, you know, the Sphere.

First, yes, there are still punks.

Second, this festival happens at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, across the street from The D.

Third, we’re going to let Punk Rock Bowling describe itself, because it’s different: “There’s only one festival on Earth where you can indulge in buffets, bowling, gambling, comedy, pool parties, and punk rock shows, and that’s the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival! The festival is based in Las Vegas, NV, and was founded in 1999. The first iteration was held on Presidents Day weekend in 1999, when only 27 teams bowled (we now host up to 200 teams). The first band who performed was Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at the Double Down Saloon. The event has grown throughout its 22-year career and has expanded to a two-stage, three-day outdoor music festival with late-night club shows throughout the downtown area featuring over 100 bands. Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival has become an annual gathering of the punk rock ‘tribes,’ to celebrate the music and ideas that have transformed our community over the years.”

So, it’s a whole thing.

Punk Rock Bowling is a cavalcade of tattoos, piercings and mohawks, and 2024 is going to be the event’s best year, ever, because did we mention the line-up includes Madness, Devo and English Beat?

Here’s the full line-up.

Pop quiz: Which band name describes our lovemaking?

Other vitals: The festival will use two stages, so that’s 36 bands, six per stage each day of the festival.

The only downside of the festival is “all ages are welcome.” Nobody’s perfect.

Here’s a sizzle reel for the festival. You’ll want to turn off the sound unless you enjoy having hot railroad spikes jammed into your ears repeatedly.

You can find out more about Punk Rock Bowling at the official Web site.

This is the most excited we’ve been about a music festival since Duran Duran played at Life is Beautiful in 2015.

Yes, the 2024 festival seems far, far away, but did we mention it will feature Madness, Devo and English Beat? Some things are worth the wait.

Oh, and Gorilla Biscuits does not describe our lovemaking. Rude.