A Premature Peek Inside Tap at MGM Grand

MGM Grand is about to get a new sports bar, Tap.

The new Tap bar and restaurant is near the popular Centrifuge Bar and Hakkasan nightclub. At the moment, Tap is hidden from view by an impenetrable construction curtain.

MGM Grand
Do you not see these curtains taunting us?

What a dilemma. Should we violate the sanctity of the construction curtain or share a photo of Tap?

Tap Las Vegas
An anagram for “Opening Soon” is “So, Go Inn, Peon.” Coincidence?

Seriously? It’s a curtain!

Here’s a look at the interior of Tap, all 9,100-square-feet of her. Yes, it’s a her. We checked.

Tap Las Vegas
We’d tap that.

There’s another Tap at MGM Grand Detroit (yes, there are cities other than Las Vegas). The Detroit version of Tap boasts comfort food and pub classics like burgers, wings and fried mac-n-cheese. And beer. And sports memorabilia. And a metric ass-ton of TVs.

It’s a good bet the Vegas Tap’s menu will echo the Detroit Tap’s, and you can view the menus here.

There was speculation Tap Las Vegas would be open already, but that didn’t happen, although like a fine beer, we’re hoping it will get better with time. Or possibly we mean wine. Or Cognac. Beer just gets old. Let’s not get bogged down in details.

Here’s another pic from our alleged security breach.

Tap Las Vegas
Your thirst is about to get spanked. It’s Vegas, so we know a little something about spankings.

We’re predicting an opening date of January 16, 2014, mainly because this Las Vegas blog is on the Internet, and if we’re wrong, we’ll just go back and change that prediction, and we’ll end up looking like a flipping genius.