New York-New York Retires a Timeless Neon Sign

As part of its facade renovation, New York-New York resort is retiring easily one of the prettiest neon signs on the Las Vegas Strip.

New York New York
New York-New York’s entrance sign is making an exit.

Thankfully, once removed, the sign won’t be discarded entirely. It’ll be going to downtown’s must-visit Neon Museum.

The 30-foot sign has been around since 1997, and will be dissected into three parts before making its way to the Neon Museum.

New York New York sign
It’s weird to say we’d like to lick this before it’s removed, right? Just checking.

The sign’s removal is one of many dramatic changes happening to the facade of New York-New York and the adjacent Monte Carlo.

The only constant in Las Vegas is change (and a seemingly unlimited demand for penicillin), so while we’re sad to see this distinctive sign go, we’re sure something new and sparkly is set to take its place.