Mirage Unveils New Center Bar, Parlor Lounge

Mirage Las Vegas has opened its fancy-schmancy new Center Bar and Parlor Lounge after a $3.3 million renovation.

Mirage Center Bar
More schmancy than fancy, but you know what we mean.

The new Center Bar, in the center of the casino because naming things is hard, doesn’t have video poker machines, but it does have an extensive cocktail menu. Mirage is clearly speaking this blog’s love language.

Mirage Center Bar cocktails
It’s not a hangover, it’s evidence of a life fully lived. And that’s the story we’re sticking to.

Adjoining Center Bar is a new Parlor Lounge.

Fair warning, Parlor Lounge has a piano. We’re always nervous when we hear there’s a piano, as one piano is dangerously close to being two pianos, which far too often leads to dueling, one of the cruelest things ever perpetuated upon unsuspecting casino patrons, second only to appearances by celebrity restaurateur Guy Fieri.

Parlor Lounge Mirage Las Vegas
In Las Vegas, feel free to show off your piano. Doing the same with your organ is generally frowned upon.

Parlor Lounge resides in the space formerly occupied by the casino’s poker room.

A shiny, new poker room was unveiled in May 2015. Unfortunately, photos are not permitted in the poker room, so we’re unable to share the one below.

Mirage poker room
Oooh, we’re so scared of your no photography rules. What are you going to do, double belly buster straight draw us? Just try it, because we don’t even know what that is.

The changes at Mirage are many, and others are still in the works. The Beatles Revolution Lounge closed in October 2015, and is now enclosed by a construction wall.

Mirage Las Vegas
In Las Vegas, there are few things sexier than a construction wall. Yeah, we probably need to get a new hobby.

According to the signage, Mirage is in the process of building a “new dream experience” to replace Revolution Lounge. If this blog’s dream experiences are any indication, the new lounge at Mirage is likely to involve falling, flying or showing up naked at school unprepared for an exam.

How would we know? We are Las Vegas blog, not a Certified Dream Analyst, which we’re mortified to report is actually a thing.

Mirage Center Bar and Parlor Lounge