Las Vegas Magician Criss Angel Inks Multi-Million Dollar Endorsement Deal With Summer’s Eve

As further testament to his superstar status, incomparable Las Vegas magician Criss Angel has struck a lucrative endorsement deal with C.B. Fleet Company, the makers of Summer’s Eve, a prominent feminine hygiene product.

The multi-year agreement is believed to be the largest of its kind for a Las Vegas entertainer.

Criss Angel billboard
Angel was formerly the star of “Mind Freak,” a series which ran from 2005-2010 on A&E. The program was heavily criticized for being neither “A” nor “E.”

“So many of my hardcore fans are women,” said Angel. “I feel this partnership is a wonderful way to connect with them on a different, more intimate level.”

Criss Angel, whose real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, has been a headliner at Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip since 2008. Observers of the Summer’s Eve agreement have noted Angel’s real last name, “Sarantakos,” translates loosely as “fragrant lap” in Greek.

Rumors have circulated that the Criss Angel deal almost didn’t happen with Summer’s Eve, as negotiations became contentious around the dollar amount of the magician’s contract. Speaking to the rumors, Angel said, “We got past our differences. It’s water and vinegar under the bridge.”

The endorsement deal between Criss Angel and Summer’s Eve will include an unprecedented, multi-channel marketing campaign, including broadcast and print advertising, as well as in-store outreach. Select retail store chains will host Summer’s Eve “ambassadors” distributing free samples and branded merchandise such as scented beer koozies.

“We’re proud of our koozies,” said a Summer’s Eve spokesperson. “They’re incredibly fresh.”

There are also plans for what Summer’s Eve executives describe as “a crowd-pleasing public stunt involving sushi.”

Specifics of the stunt were not forthcoming.