Inaugural Vegas Formula 1 Race Date Set: Nov. 16-18, 2023

News Formula 1 (a car race) was coming to Las Vegas made a big splash, the only glaringly absent element was the date of the race, which has yet to be announced or officially confirmed.

However, as we shared back in June, the dates of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix F1 race will be Nov. 16-18, 2023.

Our primary source: The operator of a Las Vegas resort along the route.

Now, there’s confirmation in the form of a Letter of Intent between F1 (Liberty Dice, the promoter) and the LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority).

Vroom, vroom. Repeat.

There are a lot of moving parts with such a big racing extravaganza, of course. Previously, casinos were given a tentative date of Thanksgiving weekend, but that potential window was apparently reconsidered.

Confirmation of the Formula 1 dates comes from a 17-page Letter of Intent shared by a Twitter user on July 22. We first got wind of the letter from a story in the Sports Business Journal.

Read the full Letter of Intent here.

The detailed Letter of Intent spells out specifics of the agreement between F1 and Las Vegas (the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority).

Read it yourself, it’s mostly boring. The “Executive Version” is a little easier to digest.

The Letter of Intent says the Formula 1 Grand Prix event “will take place annually throughout the 2023-2027 period.”

The event will take place on the weekend prior to Thanksgiving each year.

The Letter of Intent gets into the nitty-gritty of the logistical nightmare that is an F1 race: “Base work for construction (inc. removal of items), track asphalt upgrades to meet FIA regulations, street alterations such as removal of traffic lights (if necessary) and reinstatement following each event, erection of fencing, gates, Tecpro and FIA safety barriers and mobile kerbs, grading of and installation of services to land to be used by promoter to built temporary event infrastructure and installation of permanent civil works that allow promoter to install track infrastructure more efficiently (permanent fence sockets), procurement and installation (and removal of) temporary track fencing an barriers, permanent technology installations to facilitate race operations (e.g. timing and results, broadcast), concrete base for broadcast centre and for mobile kerbs and permanent and temporary cable ducting according to FIA requirements.”

Yes, there are people (possibly members of an alien culture) whose full-time jobs involve writing this crap. And re-reading it. And vetting it with other aliens. All day, every day, and yet they continue to live what appear to be normal human lives.

Anyway, there’s a lot more blah-blah in the Letter of Intent, which we’re shocked hasn’t resulted in a cease and desist. Aliens are big on demanding ceasing and desisting.

The Letter of Intent was signed on March 28, 2022, so some things have changed since then.

F1 purchased a parcel at the corner of Koval Lane and Harmon Avenue for its pits and paddock. The site will be home to a permanent F1 attraction.

We aren’t a huge race fan, but there’s no denying the buzz generated by Formula 1.

We’re pretty sure it’s too early to book hotel rooms for Nov. 16-18, 2023, but rest assured rates will be elevated a smidge when you can.