How to Tell You’ve Landed at the Las Vegas Airport

Vegas is always just so…Vegas.

For example, when you land at McCarran International Airport, there’s no mistaking it for any other airport in the world. Why?

Even the planes look like they’re getting some action.

planes.jpg If the Mile High Club needs a logo, this might be a good one.
If the Mile High Club ever needs a logo, this might be a good one.

Random McCarran International Airport trivia: There are 1,234 slot machines in the airport’s various terminals.

The slot machines at the airport aren’t operated by the airport. They’re a concession licensed to Michael J. Gaughan, Airport Slot Concession, Inc. Michael Gaughan opened the Barbary Coast (later known as Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall, and soon to be Gansevoort Las Vegas) in 1979 and is the son of Jackie Gaughan, perhaps best known as being the owner of El Cortez.