Hearthstone Restaurant Closes at Red Rock Resort

A popular restaurant, Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, closed at Red Rock Resort on April 30, 2023.

The restaurant had been in operation for nearly a decade, and was a collaboration between Station Casinos and Clique Hospitality.

A new Mexican restaurant is slated to open in the space, in partnership with Wish You Were Here Group. We trust there was drama, but nobody’s talking.

Per the Internet, a hearthstone is a “a stone forming a hearth.” Yet another reason we believe the Internet is just a fad.

The closure of an off-Strip restaurant doesn’t always warrant a story in our blog, but we randomly wandered into Hearthstone on the night it closed and captured some video of the employees somberly mourning the closure, so we had to share it.

Service employees are a resilient lot. A number of the employees will move to other Clique Hospitality or Station Casinos restaurants, we’ve been told.

Clique will have its hands full with three new venues at the under-construction Durango Casino, also owned by Station Casinos. Clique will operate Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant, Bel-Aire Lounge and Bel-Aire Backyard at Durango, which should open by the end of 2023.

The closure was bittersweet (despite the exuberance in the video), as many of the employees have been at Hearthstone for years.

A staffer told us the restaurant was doing quite well (they actually said it was one of the best-performing restaurants at the resort), so the reason for the closure is unclear.

There’s been no official reason given for the shuttering, but Red Rock does have a history of frequent changes to its restaurant line-up. The restaurant offerings took a major leap forward with the opening of Lotus of Siam.

The Wish You Were Here Group was involved in the launch of a new lounge at Red Rock Resort, Rouge Room.

We cruised through Rouge Room during an industry night before the new lounge opened.

The new Mexican restaurant set for the Hearthstone space is scheduled to open in fall of 2023.

Red Rock has wasted no time in walling off the restaurant so work on the Mexican restaurant can be started.

Things go fast in Vegas. Just ask the women we’ve dated.

Red Rock Resort is about 10 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip, and was recently named “Best Overall Hotel in Las Vegas” by Forbes.

In a weird twist, Forbes removed Red Rock later, without explanation. Resorts World, too. What would you do without us to notice this crap?

Anyway, Forbes can suck it, we love Red Rock Resort. If you haven’t ventured out to visit, it’s worth the trip. Like Circa, it’s sort of a bridge between the old and new, a casino with locals price points but an upscale feel.

And soon, Mexican food.