Harrah’s Unveils Titillating New Lounge, The Lounge

Harrah’s has outdone itself! The Strip casino has opened a seductive new lounge.

The name: The Lounge. Because sometimes you just have to name something what it is.

Harrah’s has upped its game in recent years, ditching its kitschy Mardi Gras theme and pivoting toward appealing to coventioneers (given the proximity to the Caesars Forum convention center), the investment shows.

We don’t know what’s gotten into Harrah’s, but we like it.

The only real downside to the new lounge at Harrah’s is its entrance sits atop the spot where longtime Vegas visitors will recall the tacky and iconic Buck and Winnie statue used to be.

The statue was permanently retired earlier this year. Besides not fitting with the resort’s updated image, it was getting sort of gross after all these years, with no nope (or purpose) for investing in a refurbishment.

We have no idea why these stanchions exist, but they do give The Lounge an air of exclusivity.

You know the statue, even if you didn’t know the names of the people and dog (Chip) depicted in it.

Weep not for what ye have lost, but rather rejoice for a sexy new lounge, verily.

But back to the unbridled exultation, because the one thing that won’t be tolerated in Las Vegas is one’s exultation being bridled. The Lounge!

The interior design is welcoming and seems fresh while not losing that throwback feel, as Harrah’s goes back awhile in Las Vegas and beyond.

It’s like how our man cave would look if we had any disposable income.

The lounge is equipped with the requisite TVs, but the audio isn’t pumped into the space, which is wonderful. Music volume in the lounge is perfect, and by that we mean you can hold a conversation without yelling, increasingly rare in lounges.

Just the right amount of sports. Specifically, not a lot.

Video poker machines circle the bar.

The night we visited, we were told the bar’s signature drinks are comped for video poker players. Others have been told different, so that’s apparently still being sorted out.

Here’s the drink menu.

Given $23 is the new $12 in most Strip lounges, these prices aren’t mortifying.

We had one of the signature cocktails, but have zero recollection of which one. “Don’t waste your life taking notes, notes are for the future, focus on the now,” we always say after realizing we should probably take notes.

Don’t judge. Due to our feminism, we always order drinks “ladies would like.”

For regular drinks, the players get to use the “red light, green light” comp monitoring system that’s pretty much everywhere now.

Green means you’re playing enough, and at a pace, that will get you a free drink.

The pay tables are comparable to other lounges on The Strip (7/5 Double Double Bonus, even at $10 denom and higher), but the machines felt loose the night we played. We’re here for fun, not math.

Video poker players know the mixed emotions that accompany straight flushes.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of The Lounge at Harrah’s.

There’s plenty of comfy seating, and the bar is centrally located in the resort, next to the high limit table games room and the resort’s boisterous sportsbook. As we’ve shared previously, Harrah’s opened a shiny new high limit slot room, too.

The sportsbook may have gotten a revamp recently as well, but we aren’t into sports so don’t really care one way or the other.

The new lounge opened with little fanfare, but it’s a fantastic addition to Harrah’s and the collection of world-class lounges on the Las Vegas Strip.