Happy Camper Pizza Coming to Fashion Show

A popular out-of-state brand, Happy Camper, is coming to Las Vegas, probably.

We say “probably,” because while there’s a giant sign at the restaurant’s future location, we can’t get anyone to officially confirm any specifics.

So, we’ll just wing it and hope for the best. You know, as usual.

Props to Fiverr for another great logo!

Happy Camper’s sign is on a wall at the former Stripburger at Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. Stripburger (officially Stripburger & Chicken) closed April 3, 2023.

An eagle-eyed Twitter follower sent along a photo of Happy Camper’s “Coming Soon” sign.

Happy Camper is a pizza place with locations in Old Town, Wrigleyville (wherever those might be) and Denver, which we assume is the one in Colorado. We went to public school.

The pizza and drinks at the existing locations of Happy Camper look awesome.

We’re surprised Happy Camper seems to be going into the Stripburger location, as it was operated by Lettuce Entertain You. When we first shared that Stripburger was closing, we were told the company’s El Segundo Sol would expand into the space.

We are happy if this turn of events unfolds, because the worst pizza is better than the best Mexican food, all due respect.

For those who can’t resist kvetching, “Oh, great, that’s what we need, more pizza,” keep your yapper shut. Pizza has infinite demand, especially from us.

We reached out to Lettuce Entertain You, and were told, “We will have more details to share next week and will be sure to be in touch as soon as we do.”

In other words, in the parlance of public relations, we were blown off. But not in a good way. Public relations mean well. “If we don’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t exist,” they mistakenly believe. It’s adorable, really.

Anyway, we don’t wait for news releases.  It’s our town, and things are news when we say they are.

Here’s more about Happy Camper. Our favorite part of the Happy Camper Web site? This sentence: “Happy Camper is a 21+ establishment.” Second place goes to a sign in one of the Happy Camper that says, “Pizza is my porno.” Ditto.

Happy Camper actually says almost nothing about itself. This is the entire “About Us” page: “We came to fill a pizza void. We also came to have a damn good time. If you ask us, the experts, there’s not a better combination of pizza, booze, vibes and happiness in the whole universe than what you’ll get here. For god’s sake, we’ve got a dining room that’s filled with trailers. And trailers that are filled with stars. We’ll be here and we can’t wait ’til y’all are too.”

Some marketing copywriter was on a deadline. We know, we were a marketing copywriter.

Honestly, looking at the company’s Instagram pages, Happy Camper just looks like fun. The company’s lemonade cups say, “Bigass Lemonade.” We are already a bigass fan.

It’s hard to go too far wrong with pizza and liquor, so we hope to see you there, despite the fact there probably won’t be gambling. Nobody’s perfect. Except the places with pizza and gambling. Love you, Whiskey Liquor Up and Sand Dollar.