Halloween in Las Vegas Slays It, Clever Costumes Abound

Las Vegas is without question the best Halloween party city on planet Earth.

Halloween Las Vegas
It’s time to paint this town red. Or blue. We’re good with either.

Since we work at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience, that’s where we chose to hang out for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve festivities. Downtown has always been our Halloween in Las Vegas destination of choice, though. Just check out our photos to see why.

There’s simply nothing else like the energy of live entertainment, old-school casinos and tens of thousands of people in costume strolling and ogling and doing their best to damage their livers beneath the Viva Vision video screen.

Halloween Las Vegas
If you’re going to Halloween downtown, you’d better up your costume game.

This year, it’s estimated up to 30,000 people hit Fremont Street Experience for Halloween. Thank you, Gregorian calendar, for having Halloween fall on a Friday this year.

Halloween Fremont Street
The only event that surpasses Halloween in attendance downtown is New Year’s Eve.

While we’ve done Halloween downtown probably 10 times, this year’s turnout seemed greater than in years past, and that includes an unusually large attendance at a Halloween parade on Fremont East.

We were stunned at the surprisingly high percentage of people in costume. Las Vegas definitely is a playground for grown-ups who aren’t exactly thrilled about having to grow up. We, of course, are one of them.

Fremont Street Halloween
‘Sup, dude in the green hat who somehow recognized us? You made our night.

The costumes weren’t merely great in number, we were also impressed by the creativity, which was off the chart.

People take Halloween very, very seriously in Las Vegas.

Fremont Street Halloween
Remember, it’s cold water to get blood out of clothing. Hot water could cause it to set.

Fremont Street is always a great place to people-watch, but on Halloween, it’s truly mind-boggling.

Costumes range from hilarious to erotic, gory to “WTF are you thinking?”

Halloween Las Vegas
Modesty, schmodesty. It’s Vegas, baby!

You may want to bookmark this blog post and our photo gallery for costume inspiration for next year! We’ll wait.

It’s never too soon to plan your next Halloween in Las Vegas.

Fremont Street Halloween
Take our candy, already.

Here’s hoping you had a safe, memorable Halloween. Enjoy more photos from the freakiest night of the year in Las Vegas, Halloween.

Las Vegas Halloween 2014