Hakkasan Group Acquires Angel Management Group (AMG), Assimilation is Futile

Flush with cash from charging nightclub-goers $12,000 and much, much more for bottle service, Hakkasan Group has acquired Angel Management Group (AMG).

AMG is the nightlife firm that manages Hakkasan Las Vegas and Wet Republic at MGM Grand, as well as Pure at Caesars Palace, Social House at The Shops at Crystals and other oontz-tastic hotspots.

Hakkasan Las Vegas
Hakkasan Las Vegas opened in April 2013 and is 80,000-square-feet of lifelong cochlear and vestibular damage. But lots of people dig it.

AMG has been working with Hakkasan Group for more than two years on the insanely successful Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub at MGM Grand. Now, it’s time for AMG to be assimilated.

Not many details of the acquisition are available, but the resulting news release did provide at least one gloriously WTF quote, which is honestly what this Las Vegas blog lives for.

Said Khadem Al Qubaisi, Chairman of Hakkasan Group, “Following a successful partnership with Angel Management Group, we believe the consolidation of its businesses will accelerate Hakkasan’s goal of creating a suite of multifaceted global lifestyle brands.”

“Suite of multifaceted global lifestyle brands” just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Thank you, news release gods.

Pure nightclub
Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace will now be managed by Hakkasan Group. Pure is Hakkasan nightclub’s competition. Which will be awkward if they bump into each other at parties.

What will the acquisition of AMG by Hakkasan Group mean to club-goers? Well, because the costs of managing these nightclub venues will decrease due to increased efficiency, guests can expect a dramatic decrease in the price of cover charges, beverages and table service.

Wow, you were actually believing that for a minute, weren’t you? We thought that whole “just fell off the turnip truck” thing was an urban myth!

Seriously, though, there’s likely to be little, if any, impact on customers. You’re so adorable when you’re gullible like that.