God Assists With “World’s Highest Basketball Shot” From Atop The Strat

God himself reportedly helped Dude Perfect, a sports and comedy group popular on YouTube, make a record-breaking basketball shot from the top of the Strat on the Las Vegas Strip.

A Dude Perfect member, Tyler Toney, executed God’s incredible basketball feat after nearly 900 attempts on April 20, 2023.

Why didn’t God just make the basket on the first try? He’s God, after all. Well, apparently, God likes building some anticipation and 900 tries makes for a much better story and YouTube video.

We’d have lost this bet, bigtime.

The basket from 856 feet up was truly impressive. Even more impressive is the fact God could find time in his schedule to make a basketball go into a hoop given how busy he is winning games for athletes and ensuring actors receive Oscars. (Losers don’t believe enough, obviously.)

Here’s a video of the process of making the record-breaking basket.

About 14 minutes in, Toney actually says, “Knowing how much control that I had over it, I cannot look at that shot and say that God didn’t have his hand in it.” We are not making this up.

Another member of the Texas-based group, Corey Cotton, says, “It made me feel like, for some reason, God’s just not done with Dude Perfect yet.”

Look, they’re a sports and comedy group, not MENSA members.

God has a long list of things he needs to do—keeping kids from getting brain cancer, stopping pandemics, ending famine and genocide, eliminating paper straws—there’s an ice cube’s chance in Hell making a basketball go into a basket is one of those things.

The group currently holds 14 Guinness World Records, and from the vibe, we trust they probably also hold a number of Guinness records, beerwise.

Regardless of who had a hand in it, or didn’t, making a basket from 856 up is simply amazing.

The wind in Las Vegas is unpredictable, and it took an ungodly amount of planning and persistence to pull off this publicity stunt.

Given the stunt took three days, and involved innumerable balls that went off course (into the street and the hotel’s valet area), we trust there were some nervous executives at The Strat.

Props to them for ignoring the advice of their lawyers, and now they get to reap the P.R. windfall.

The YouTube video has already surpassed four million views, and definitely doesn’t make people think about throwing things off The Strat.

The record-breaking basketball shot was followed by lots of celebratory man hugs, high-fiving, “giving God glory” and butt-slapping, of course.

Everyone knows sports are really just an excuse for men to hug and slap butts.

A number of folks on Twitter questioned whether the 856-foot shot had been faked, as Dude Perfect has been the subject of such accusations in the past, but we can find no evidence this wasn’t just a case of solid planning and doing something seemingly impossible. We personally predicted a zeroish chance of it happening.

Las Vegas has a long history of hosting outrageous stunts. Many are sports-related, so we don’t really pay attention, but several Knievels have jumped our fountains on motorcycles (with varying degrees of success) and one guy drove his motorcycle off the Arc de Triomphe at Paris.

Thrillseekers and record-breakers will always come to Las Vegas for their stunts because this town makes everything cooler. The Dude Perfect guys could’ve make their basket from the rim of the Grand Canyon or the St. Louis arch (yawn), but Vegas makes everything more fun.

Just leave God out of it, though. He already has a tenuous relationship with Sin City, no need to make it even more awkward.