Four Queens Confirms It’s Not Smoke-Free

Park MGM recently announced it will be a completely smoke-free casino. Four Queens can’t say the same.

A five-car fire in the popular downtown casino’s parking garage caused about $500,000 worth of damage on Sep. 17, 2020. The fire happened at about 1:40 a.m.

Four Queens fire
Here’s the damage viewed from Golden Nugget’s porte cochere.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but a chemical reaction involving oxygen, fuel and heat has not been ruled out.

There were no injuries, so we get to make all the smoking jokes we want. All due respect to car nuts.

Damage to the west side of the Four Queens garage is dramatic.

Four Queens fire
Even with fire damage, the Four Queens garage is still cleaner than many casino parking structures. You know who you are.

Four Queens is one of our favorite downtown casinos and we’re glad nobody was hurt during the car fire.

Usually the hottest things at Four Queens are our winning streaks on Wheel of Fortune.

Here’s a last look at the fire damage, because public interest about this has been off the charreds.

Four Queens garage fire
We’re fairly sure that “charred” joke would’ve been funnier if spoken aloud. Fairly.

There’s no way we’re writing a story about Four Queens without a gratuitous fun fact.

The builder of Four Queens was Ben Goffstein. The “four queens” were his daughters. Their names: Faith, Hope, Benita and Michele.

Four Queens is currently owned by Terry Caudill, who purchased the casino in 2003.

Caudill also owns Binion’s, another one of our favorite Las Vegas casinos, and not just because the chicken tenders at Whiskey Licker Up are one of the best things we’ve ever placed our mouth on.

Shout-out to our Las Vegas firepersons who showed this fire who’s boss.