Fontainebleau Drops Some Sweet New Renderings

Work on Fontainebleau Las Vegas is well under way (again), and the resort has released some new renderings that have generated warm feelings in our personal areas.

Fontainebleau is set to open in 2023 and is roughly 75% done, but that 75% has been sitting there since the project stalled in 2009, so it’s great to see concrete signs of progress.

Here’s a look at Fontainebleau’s porte cochere, a fancy term for “a place where you give your keys to somebody you pray works for the hotel.”

Fontainebleau is about to go from eyesore to eye candy.

Next up is a look at Fontainebleau’s pool complex. If you look closely, you can see us lounging on a day bed sucking in our gut as the cocktail waitresses pass by.

Once you see the deer in headlights, it’s hard to unsee.

With little fanfare, Fontainebleau has also provided a peek at one of its rooms, and it’s sexy as hell.

This room checks many of the boxes for a satisfying hotel stay in Las Vegas.

Fontainebleau’s rooms are going to provide some of the most spectacular views in Las Vegas.

Of course, a big money maker at most Las Vegas resorts is meetings and conventions.

Banquets drive more revenue for hotels than minibars, which is saying something.

Fontainebleau is banking on its proximity to the recently-expanded Las Vegas Convention Center, so they’re definitely devoting some cabbage to conventioneer-friendly meeting spaces. What do people call money now? Not clams. Racks? Paper, maybe. Let’s just go with “spondoolies” and leave it at that.

If there was a wedding reception on the starship Enterprise, it might look like this, but with serpent worms for the Klingons.

Conference rooms are usually boring, but Fontainebleau is firing on all cylinders. This shot makes us want to organize a meeting of something. Anything, really. Maybe a meeting to discuss strange reasons people organize meetings.

These renderings were posted to a group sales Web site, hence the ass-ton of meeting spaces.

We have no idea what this next space is, but we love it, anyway. It’s set up like a theater, but there are tables for a banquet or possibly a birthday party for somebody who invested in Bitcoin in 2009.

A little theater, a little nightclub, a little product launch. We love this concept.

For whatever reason, Fontainebleau has decided to even make its hallways enticing. Bonus points for the “FB” door handles.

Enticing Hallway would make a great band name.

We don’t really have the design vocabulary to explain why these spaces are so visually pleasurable, but for the purposes of SEO, we’re going to just mention things like “cabriole legs” and “feng shui” and “mid-century modern” and “wainscoting,” whether they are relevant to what we’re seeing or not.

Fun fact: Fontainebleau has 48 elevator shafts. And, yes, we’re using the term “fun” very loosely here.

At this point, we are dangerously close to being agog. These renderings are just crazy good and we usually hate everything.

Another fun fact: Downtown Grand got one of Fontainebleau’s original escalators. When the project was abandoned, they had a yard sale.

The emotional highs and lows of years of waiting for Fontainebleau to become a reality are no doubt stimulating our mesolimbic dopamine system, but these renderings are a strong indication there are very smart, talented people at the helm of Fontainebleau and they are going to bestow upon us a beautiful gift soon.

Oh, snap, Fontainebleau just erased The Strat. Be nice to your neighbors!

Big thanks to Matt O. on Twitter for tipping us off to these new renderings.

Here’s more about Fontainebleau, the Las Vegas resort many believed would never happen. And by “many,” of course, we mean mostly us, but there were probably others.

Based upon these new renderings, Fontainebleau Las Vegas looks ready to tell the naysayers where they can stuff their nays, whatever those might be.

Color us impressed, Fontainebleau, and more renderings, please.

Update (3/3/22): Check out the Fontainebleau Las Vegas Nightclub.

We’re thinking 38,000-square-feet is plenty of room to show off your moves, whatever those might be.